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Peggy is an incredible woman, who has a heart larger than any other I have ever known. She is in need of our help at this time.

Peggy was struck by a man doing 162mph- 4 times the legal speed limit. He rode his motorcycle straight into her car, ending his life. He was severely underinsured. Peggy sustained head trauma, internal injuries, spinal and neck injuries, and was left with blindness in one eye. What remained of her leg, ankle, foot and toes, were shattered. She was told she'd would never walk again. Peggy thought she was done having surgeries after three years time, and accepted that she would live the rest of her life in pain. Considering that the Doctors told her she would never again walk, and it was a miracle she was alive, she was happy to accept that pain, and prove them all wrong on walking.

Peggy recently had to have half of her foot amputated. At the same time, a portion of bone in her lower leg needed to be removed, forcing the surgeon to also fuse her ankle. This was an effort to save her life. Bones died within her, becoming necrotic. Once necrosis spreads to healthy bone, it then travels to ones organs. This can very quickly ends ones life. As if Peggy and her family weren't dealing with enough in being told she needed to have her leg from the knee down removed. Yes knee down... Three Doctors opinions based on the damage done. But one, in an attempt to leave her some semblance of a foot to walk on, said removing just the necrotic parts was the best option at this time.

That being said she now needs proper prosthetics, orthodics, devices and custom shoes to allow her to walk somewhat normally and prevent further damage. Our goal is to raise the $40,000. Without the proper devices and prosthetics she will be in need of further surgeries and likely amputate far more than just her foot. None of the devices, medical equipment or prosthetics are covered in any way with medical insurance. Because the man who hit her was underinsured and committed suicide in the process, she and her family are left to pay all of these costs on their own. To further complicate matters while Peggy was in the hospital having her foot amputated, she contracted a horrific bacterial infection known as C Diff-Clostidium Difficle. It took over 6 months before she had a diagnosis. After months of illness, her weight was down to 80lbs. She lost alot of her hair. Her nervous and immune system were compromised as was her colon, liver and kidneys. Peggy's life almost ended the night of the accident. It almost ended again because of the necrotic bones and tissue. Again it almost ended from this C Diff infection. Peggy is still recovering from the infection and the surgery. Thankfully, she is still here with us. It took traveling thousands of miles from her home to receive an experimental treatment, and thank God, a cure.

With 5 years of surgeries, hospitalizations and paying medical bills because of the accident, she is still left with over $50,000 in medical bills. That only includes the bills that have been received already, and they keep coming. Again our goal is focused on raising what is needed not for the past bills but for the RIGHT NOW prosthetics and special devices needed to assist her daily living. With the way she can move about now, she is doing damage every day to her knee, hip and lower back. The last thing that this incredible woman needs is a new knee and hip in a year. Lets not let that happen. Lets help her get what she needs. Lets help her have the best possible chance at a full, healthy and active lifestyle.

Each person out there can make a difference. If you are reading this right now, know that you can make a great difference in not just one woman's life. Not just the life of her family, but the lives of the many special needs children she works with every day. She is someone who gives in so many ways every day of her life. In helping her, we better the world as a whole. How can one woman be worth this much time, effort and care? If you asked Peggy that, she would say one simple thing. She would say we are worth everything. She has spent a lifetime helping others to know their own value, their true worth, and to love themselves and all others. This is her way of living. I think we could all benefit from living this way.

Any amount raised will make a difference. No donations are too great or too small. Please dig deep into your heart and choose to help Peggy. Someone who has spent her life helping others and is now in need of help herself.

Peggy truly is the most incredible woman I've ever known. She lives her life showing compassion, empathy, and understanding for all. She doesn't judge or criticize. She loves the world so unconditionally, it shows in all she says and does. She is an incredible Mother. There is nothing she would not do for her son, Brandon. She is an equally incredible wife. She and her husband, Matt, are one another soul mates. Something so few find in this life. Something we all long for. They love themselves and one another unconditionally, and share that with the world.

Peggy donates her own time within her community. She works with people who have mental health illnesses and special needs children. She is a caring and compassionate therapist, and an incredibly inspiring Teacher. She helps anyone in need, regardless of money. Throughout Peggy's recovery, and it's been years of it, she's never asked for help. This woman is the strongest woman I have ever known. She has battled cancer and beat it. She had so many health problems because of the accident, yet never a day goes by that she doesn't wear a beautiful smile, and share it with the world. She's been through many things in her life. Yet, she's never allowed life to change her from being the wonderful, loving, kind and generous person she is. Now she is in need, and now we can help her in a way that will impact Peggy's life greatly.

Please watch this incredible video of Peggy and see a little of her journey. Just the part that pertains to her beautiful foot....
(Please share the video and help us reach others)

Please read these touching words about Peggy, shared in the Maui News and the Featured Front Page Story in Maui Now.

And please everyone share this page with your own friends an family. Anyone you think would care to read and see a little of Peggy's Journey. The more people we can reach the better chance Peggy has here. Thank you.

Sincerely regards.
Michelle Baer-Long time friend-sister to Peggy :-)

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