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Anna needs help with medical bills, especially prescriptions, to get well. Anna was an Air Force Reservist for 5 yrs. She has no medical insurance. She does not qualify for any programs.

This is Anna Plummer. I am 41 yrs old, and have worked in the medical field all my life. I was also an Air Force Reservist for 5 years. I was a single mom all my son's life, he is now 21, and I am remarried. I would appreciate your help, and please know that I have given a lot of myself to the medical community. I worked hard as a CNA when my son was young and I was a single Mom, I gave 120 percent care to my patients. I was an excellent Certified Nurses Aide and Medical Tech and eventually joining the Air Force Reserve to become an EMT and  Aerospace Medical Service Technician/Nurse. Now that I have a medical condition, with no medical insurance and no job,  I need money to pay  especially for my prescription. My medical bills monthly, for the past approximately 2 years, have been at least $1,200.00 per month. I expect to be well within almost 2 years, but need help to keep up with my current doctor and medicine, plus get another doctor that I need. I can be completely cured, but can't without the proper medical care. I hope to get covered under medical insurance when my husband gets hired, providing he will have access to insurance, and we can afford it, and if, if they will cover preexisting conditions.  Up until now, my husband and I have paid for this, also with the help of family and friends, but can't afford it anymore. Stopping my medical care and medicine would be very bad, even possibly resulting in loss of life. I have not been able to hold a fulltime job the past 2 years, and my husband recently lost work. While I was not working a regular job, I helped take care of a neighbor with Alzheimer's disease and in turn they helped with my medical bills, but my neighbor no longer is there anymore.  It is upsetting to me that I have worked in the medical field as a CNA, EMT, and Medical Tech, and CPR Instructor for all my life, and I can't get help when needed. I do not qualify for anything like Medicaid, because of my age and I don't have a child at home. My son is 21 yrs old, and he lives on his own. My family has had much suffering due to my medical condition, and all of it can be cured, but if I don't keep on my medicine and keep seeing at least one doctor, I might not be around anymore. All it takes is money, unfortunately. I have searched and searched for 2 yrs to try to find help, and I fall between the cracks.  In the beginning of all this, I had also injured my neck and had surgery, that's how I eventually lost my jobs, but that is all better now, but it was very tough dealing with my other medical issue at the same time. We have exhausted all of our money and had garage sales and sold everything we had that  we could get rid of. My whole outlook on life has changed because of this. I am going to try to use my experience with all of this to help Americans get better healthcare available to them. Please help if you can.

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