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This is my second attempt to help my dear friend Douw to pay for his urgent dental work he has to have done.

He Is struggling with very serious medical conditions that unfortanely made it impossible for him to fund this by himself.He has also tried and exhausted credit options and hi current employment is not covering an extensive procedure like this.

I would really appreciate a small donation. I spend about $100 a month on luxurious lattes at Starbucks and I am willing to give up one or two of those to help my friend. He is really desperate. Feel free to contact me as the fund raiser to find out more . With my previous attempt we had only 3 donations and could raise only $110 of the full amount of $1800 that is needed. Please open your here's and your checkbook for this act of kindness

I know the picture is upsetting and I hesitated to post it since it is graphic. But this is the reality of the condition. I surely would not like to walk around like that and especially work with customers in a hotel reception desk. Please help.
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