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Jaqie Angel's friends, family and entire community are uniting together to raise funds as she battles a deadly form of epilepsy. Please HELP

We've come a long way since that day in January 2013 when baby Jaqie had her 1st seizure... We have now temporarily relocated to Colorado to start Jaqie Angel on Cannabis Oil. After watching her suffer since the age of 5 months with seizures everyday and a couple dozen hospital stays with long nights of fighting for her life, and long days filled with never ending tears..pain, total desperation, and now there is finally some peace in our hearts and lives. Jaqie Angel started Cannabis oil on April 15th 2014. Her seizures have already been reduced by over 80% and her brain waves have improved dramatically. They should be at a 6 Hz but have been 3 Hz for over a year now and even worse dropped to a 2-2.5 Hz right before we left for Colorado. She had an EEG done 3 1/2 wks after starting Cammabis Oil and now they're at a dominant 5 Hz.. This Cannabis Oil is the only thing that has ever shown any signs in working and believe me we tried everything available aside from surgery.. That was our only other option, getting the entire back half of Jaqie Angels brain removed! That wasn't even a real option to us, never. Not unless they said she was going to die right then if we didn't!

As parents we have been faced with some of the most difficult decisions in life to make about our child. This journey has been nothing but sheer pain for so long. A part of me died inside. Making the decision to get Jaqie to Colrado to try Cannabis Oil has been the best choice we've ever made. It's been worth every second of it. I'm finally meeting my baby girl, Jaqie Angel Warrior, for the 1st time.. She had hugged my neck for the 1st time.. Could any one imagined the joy I felt?? Words can't explain.. She's doing so many new things and able to experience life and our love for her. She is just a miracle.. Cannabis Oil has saved her life.

Now we must raise funds so we can keep baby Jaqie in Colorado to continue getting her the medicine she needs. All of Jaqie's Colorado Drs are out of pocket.. Her insurance is for Oklahoma so we make trips to to Tulsa 2-3 times each month for her Drs there. We still have a mortgage we pay on our 3 bedroom home(this yr will be 9 yrs of paying on our home..our children grew up here) while we with so much blood, sweat, and tears to get marijuana made legal and available in Oklahoma and we can Bring Jaqie Angel Home!! She deserves to be home and she deserves to be ALIVE.. It saddens my heart that we are forced from our home with our 4 young children to live in a extended stay motel in Denver.. All 6 of us in one room but at least we are all together!

Our family is just terrified because we don't have the funds to remain in Colorado. We are literally going bankrupt. We are at risk state of Oklahoma removing our daughter from us or her health decline against and her fighting for her life on a daily, minute to minute basis once again.. Or risk it all and losing everything, our home and car.. All of our memories and everything we know. I didn't know it was gonna be this hard. But look at what all our family has over come this far.. Look at what baby Jaqie has overcome in her short life!! We can do this. We just are in desperate need of your help. All we can do is try to fundraise and raise awareness to get support for Jaqie Angel.. We just can't give up.

So come on every one and help spread the word. Please show your love and support today. Anything helps. Prayers have kept her alive many times!! This fight isn't over yet as it's only just begun.. We need your help now more than ever. Please be Jaqie Angels hero.. She needs us all right now and we need you guys too.. Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts... We are forever grateful. The whole world's going to know Jaqie Angel Warrior's name, her fight and struggle. She will be a symbol of HOPE to all.. And my Angel Forever No Matter What!

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