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Our beloved Ann-Ellice is fighting three major life challenges, without health insurance. Please help us support her by contributing whatever you can to help ease her mind, strengthen her spirit and promote her healing!

On the day before Thanksgiving, 2009, our beloved friend/mom/daughter/sister/niece/grandma Ann-Ellice was diagnosed with breast cancer. She underwent surgery on February 9. Radiation therapy will begin soon, and hormone therapy will follow.

In addition to her recent terrifying diagnosis, Ann-Ellice has for many years suffered from Lupus Erythematosus, a painful, chronic inflammatory disease in which the body's immune system attacks its own tissues and organs. Doctors feared that the required cancer treatment would interfere with Ann-Ellice’s Lupus treatment, so extensive testing was required to determine the best course of treatment for both diseases simultaneously. Just days before surgery, Ann-Ellice had to go to the E.R. because of an allergic reaction to a medication she was taking to overcome an infection. Also because of a Lupus-related infection, Ann-Ellice will soon have to undergo expensive periodontal surgery.

As you may know, Ann-Ellice lost her job in the recession and has no private health insurance. The costs of not only cancer but also Lupus and her imminent dental surgery are huge. Ann-Ellice’s surmounting medical bills grow daily, and the financial burden is huge. You can imagine the stress of battling cancer – I can, because I’ve been there – but when you add financial stress, it’s almost too much. It's been a real challenge for Ann-Ellice to get by on disability, and now, with imment dental surgery, cancer treatment, and continuing medication's just very difficult.

But many of you may not know this because Ann-Ellice is exceedingly grateful and positive, and rarely complains about anything! Certainly, if you are reading this, you know what a loving and generous person Ann-Ellice is, and chances are you have been on the receiving end of her giving. I have. When I had cancer, and only knew Ann-Ellice as a casual colleague, she not only prepared and brought over meals and treats for me (homemade ice cream, no less!), but also took up a collection among her workmates to purchase a housecleaning for me. I can't tell you how much that meant to me. In the years since, Ann-Ellice has enriched my life beyond measure.

If you know Ann-Ellice, you know that quietly giving - and listening and inspiring - is what this woman does! Hasn’t she always responded to those in need in whatever way she can, with whatever she can do and whatever she can give?

Well, now our beloved Ann-Ellice is in need and I am reaching out to all of you to help her. She needs us. Now. Thankfully, after her sister Gina and I cajoled her enough, she agreed to let us launch this campaign to help with her medical expenses.

Please find it in your heart to give anything you can to help support Ann-Ellice. Although we can’t fight the disease for her, we can support her by alleviating some of the financial burden and stress. By supporting her in this way, she can concentrate her energy on conquering cancer, and healing. We all know the importance of hope, and even though Ann-Ellice has always been one to focus on the positive, the reality of her situation makes it a daily struggle.

Let’s come together and give to her, as she has already given to us numerous times. Please help. Please give. Any amount is greatly appreciated. Giving can be anonymous, so please don’t worry about what anyone else is thinking. Some have more to give than others, and no one would understand that more than Ann-Ellice. (And of course if you can't give, she will totally understand.She knows this is not a measure of how much you love her, and realizes how tough times are for all of us now.)

I will keep you updated with both Anne-Ellice's progress and the results of this fundraiser. My sincere thanks for helping her through this most difficult time.

With love, gratitude, and hope,
Lori Hope

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