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My 1 year old cat "Lilly"" Has a large mass on the inside of her throat, as well as a large abscess mass on her outer lip on her mouth.

When I adopted Lilly she had a small mass surgically removed from under her tongue. They told me it wasn't cancerous & to not worry. That was 8 months ago. I noticed the abcess on her lip, in which I gave her steroids for. They didn't help. Now this large mass is noticeable through the outside of her throat. I am on SSI and have $65. left a month after my bills. I am sick over this. I'm afraid I am going to have to surrender her because I am unable to pay for treatment. I love my cat, she is therapy for me and my depression. I'm reaching out for any help is can get. The veterinary visits alone are more then I have left for monthly spending. They won't start treatment without a payment being made.
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