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Neir's Tavern and Cafe in Woodhaven, Queens NYC will host a day of bands, food, drink specials and fun to raise money for our little man, CJ

10 year old CJ (Christopher John) was recently diagnosed with bone cancer (Ewing sarcoma). His family has come together to help Maria (CJ's mom) offset/assist with medical/daily living expenses to alleviate the financial burden. This will allow her to focus on him, be with him every step of the way fighting the fight of his life!

After a family trip to Florida, CJ had come home and started complaining of pain in his hip. After several doctor visits an x-ray discovered a tumor in his hip socket. After further tests, he was diagnosed with bone cancer.

CJ is currently in and out of the hospital undergoing chemotherapy treatment. He is part of two new studies for this type of cancer. CJ is on his second round of chemo and has already lost all of his hair. This has been very emotionally draining for him, and as any child would feel he can’t understand why this is happening to him. He has the next year to look forward to being in and out of the hospital undergoing this treatment. We are hoping at some point CJ will be able to return to school.

The family has been able to be there to emotionally support Maria and CJ. We were able to give CJ a memorable Christmas and give him everything on his list to Santa. CJ now has a laptop and Ipod touch to keep his mind off reality while in the hospital. Maria is doing all she can do to hold it all together and be strong for the sake of CJ. This has been the hardest thing Maria has ever had to deal with, especially having lost her mother to cancer at a young age. CJ is lucky to have his best friend at his side as well, his dad, Chris. Chris has been strong throughout it all and supports Maria and CJ every step of the way.

On March 18th doctors performed invasive surgery on CJ’s hip & pelvis and removed the tumor. He will still have to finish his chemotherapy, for another 11 sessions, as well as work on physical therapy for months due reconstructive surgery for his hip and pelvis. He will be frequently tested over the next year for missed or returning cancer in the areas this cancer is known to attack. He has about a 50% chance of the sarcoma cancer returning. Still in ICU as press, he should be returning home in a few days for a short recuperation before more tests and chemotherapy. *****

We recently used GiveForward to raise money for CJ's cause and now we are partnering with Neir's Tavern and Cafe in Woodhaven ,NY to help supplement that amount. Many of the local Woodhaven, Queens businesses, as well as 6 different bands will be holding a benefit show to raise money for CJ.

All money collected will be funneled though this site after collected to show how much our community cares about our little man, CJ.
This wonderful site will also allow for people to donate ahead of time, if they can't make the benefit or AT the benefit where a computer will be set up to accept donations for CJ via this page.

Even with all the support we've received,we still need to reach out to all of our family, friends and community to ask for help. We hope to raise money for CJ and Maria to try to alleviate one stressful situation, finances, so they can focus on what is important.
Help us help CJ and Maria fight the fight!! We thank you in advance for all your prayers and support at this time of need.

On April 10, 2011 At
Neir's Tavern and Cafe
87-48 78th Street
Woodhaven, NY 11421
(718) 296-0600

2pm - 11pm

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