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Pretty Lady has been through more than any puppy should ever have to go through. Please help her have the life she really deserves.

This is a very sad story of a very strong puppy named Pretty Lady. Around November of 2009 I got a puppy. This was no ordinary puppy. For about two months before she was in my arms she was out on her own trying to learn to trust me. Someone had put her mom and 7 other puppies out. They were all caught by everyday people with big hearts, all but her. She was not going to trust so easily. She refused to come anywhere near anyone, so they quit trying.

The first time I saw Pretty Lady I was driving down the road at night headed home and saw a trash bag on the side of the road. After I had passed it I realized that I had never seen a trash bag like that. I just could not get that thought out of my head; so I turned around. The trash bag turned out to be the most beautiful puppy I had ever seen. I pulled over into the parking lot of the local business near where she was laying. A trucker happened to have some food with him and gave it to me to feed her. She would only eat the food if I tossed it to her. I called my mom and asked her to bring more food and I explained that I had found a puppy. We figured she was just lost or had wandered away and was just taking a quick nap before returning home.

The very next day I was going down the same road and saw two ladies pulled over and, to my surprise, they were feeding the very same puppy I had seen the night before. They had been trying to get Pretty Lady for about two weeks and she wouldn't come anywhere near them still. I became determined to rescue her. For about two months I would go out three times a day, between work and school, and lay on the ground feeding her. Winter was about to hit and it was already freezing temperatures in the morning so I couldn't imagine what she was going through. After two months of building her trust I finally was able to bring her home.

When I got her home we kept her in a small bathroom because she was so scared and she felt safest in a small room with very little noise. This transition was very difficult for her. After about a week or two she started coming out of the bathroom to peek around the corner and eventually come all the way in the living room to see us. We already had two dogs, four cats, three ferrets, and a rabbit that we rescued, most of which were left on our doorstep, so mom and I decided that maybe we could find her a good home. I was looking into getting a dorm for my sophomore year and mom wasn't sure she could handle a puppy that would need as much help as her to get over her mistrust of people as well as working full time as a teacher. We took her to meet someone that was interested in a puppy. The second this person took the leash Pretty Lady tried to run. When I got the leash back she curled up behind me, shaking but safe. From that moment on I knew she was mine and I was hers.

It's been a long road with her but she was finally starting to trust people. Then one day mom and I notice that her head was a little swollen. At first we thought it was just a bad bug bite or a little knot from playing with one of our other puppies. Within about two days both of her eyes were swollen and draining and she was very lethargic. I didn't like this so we rushed to the emergency vet. They told us that she had a fungal infection in her head and they were sure we had caught it early and would be able to knock it out quickly. We took her home and prepared to take her in for treatment when it was available. Since fungi are usually very slow growing they did not treat it like an emergency, and we didn't see it as one either. We brought her home and she seemed fine, until her eye started draining blood. We called the vet back and took her in the next day.

A CAT scan showed that the fungus was much worse that we thought. It was pushing against her brain and possible had gotten in her lungs. They had to perform surgery immediately to scrap the fungi from the area around her brain. Unfortunately that meant we had to come up with $4100 (below is a break down of the cost) and fast. Our only other option was putting her down, which couldn't be considered as an option because she is more than a pet, she is family. We had to borrow money from many sources. This has caused a great strain in our current financial situation, especially with my mom's teaching salary cuts and my increasing tuition price. She will also need at least six months of medical care. If we could pay back everything we borrowed up to this point we can keep up with all of her after care. Please help up. Anything from a prayer to passing the word to $1 would mean the world to us and would help give Pretty Lady the second chance she really deserves.

Thank you and God bless.

Initial diagnosis- $600

Surgery and immediate after care- $3500

Update: Pretty Lady will soon be off of her medicine but the fight is still not over. She will need to continue going to the vet to have tests run to make sure her numbers still look good. We still could really use the help to pay her bills that continue to build up.
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