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This fundraiser is to purchase the house my children and I live in. I am soon to be a single mother who is disabled by Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency, and is limited in my mobility and on oxygen.

This fundraiser is to purchase the house my children and I currently reside in.  I  am soon to be a single mother, and I am disabled by Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency.  My mobility is limited, I'm on oxygen, and I am immuno supressed, so I am unable to work outside the home without putting my health in serious jeopardy.  While I am on disability, it is not enough for my children and I to exist on after my divorce is final.  All the money that would possibly go to the children through child support, will have to go to the house payment, and utility bills.  I want to feel secure, and right now I am panicked.  I have no idea how the children and I will make it with things the way they stand.  I don't want to be an unemployed woman who has to worry if there's enough for the mortgage, and other bills every month.  If the house is paid off, then I don't have to worry about not having some form of employment right away.  I know there are people who are worse off than I am, but I just have to ask, and hope the Lord will provide our family with a good samaritan.  I am tired of feeling guilty because I'm sick and I can't do for my kids what I would really like to.   They are such great kids, and I'm so afraid they will suffer from this divorce.  I want to keep that from happening.  They don't deserve to suffer from their parents inability to get along.  I know this seems like a selfish request, but I'm so tired of worrying about this house and what's going to happen to my children after the divorce is final.  They are in such critical stages in their development, both are teens now, and I just need some peace of mind...I want them to be able to concentrate on their futures without having to worry what's happening on the home front.  Or that their mother is going to get even sicker from worry over household expenses.  Thank you for reading my story, and, whether you contribute or not, God bless you...

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