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Alexis Nicole Rucker is a spunky, blonde little 4 year old.

She loves everything Princess, especially Frozen! On January 9, 2015, she was diagnosed with B-Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. This actually shocked her Doctor, because she had an a-typical presentation of the disease. She had surgery on Monday, January 12 and had a port cath placed in her chest so that she can now receive all of her medications and blood draws in one site. She will then come to the University of Virginia Children's Hospital weekly for chemo treatment. This is called induction phase. The goal is to reach remission in 30 days. Then she starts consolidation phase for 4-5 months (still coming to UVA for weekly chemo treatments). This is most likely when she will lose her hair. After that phase comes maintenance which is monthly chemo treatments for 2 years (her hair should grow back somewhere in that time frame). There will be some hospital stays through all of this (like when her blood counts are too low and she needs transfusions, if she gets a 101.5 or higher fever, and when she catches something). So she has a long road ahead of her! Chemo can be delayed when she gets any of these which could make the journey longer.

Please help support Stephanie and Tim fight this battle with Lexi! This fundraiser will help with medical expenses and costs accumulated with travel for cancer treatment.

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