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Tristan needs surgery to prevent the loss of vision in his left eye. The family is not able to pay for his surgery.

My son Tristan needs an intraoccular implant to save the vision in his left eye. He is four years old and nearly died during a forceps delivery, and thankfully, the only outcome of what could have been a tragedy, was a traumatic cataract in his left eye. The cataract was removed when he was six weeks old, and when he was eight weeks old he started to wear a contact lense. Unfortunately his father and I cant afford health insurnance and Tristan has not had a contact lense in two years. They cost about three hundred dollars each, and a two year old could easily go through a dozen a year. We tried to keep up with it but couldnt. We also cant afford the surgery to replace the lense in his eye. His eye now wanders all over and the other kids at school call him "crazy eye". As a parent this is heart breaking! I estimate the surgery to be around 35-40,000 dollars. If he isnt able to have it soon his brain will shut his eye down permanently. At the least, a contact lense will delay this, but the doctor he was referred to (and takes medicaid) refuses to write a prescription for one because he is afraid I wont be able to get the contact in his eye (wich I did from eight weeks to nearly two years old). I have never done anything like this before, but seeing his eyes worsen so much faster has made me reach out for help. Please give this little boy the gift of sight. I dont want him growing up being teased and taunted for something that is preventable.
Thanks so much for reading this!
I added a short and cleaned up version about what happened at his birth. A lot of people have been asking......Thanks again for your interest!
Birth Injury
I was in labour for about 17 hours and my sons heart rate and breathing were becoming an issue. I had been on oxygen for hours and had been "pushing" for nearly two. The head doctor (whom I had not seen before this time ) came to me and asked if I wanted a c-section or forceps delivery. I told her to do what was best for the baby. About a half an hour passed and she asked me again. I replied the same way. At this point I am upset because I felt that I wasnt a doctor and I was not able to make a call like this. She asked me a third time but added that the forceps would be harder on me but better for the baby. I told her to do what was best for the baby. I signed a waiver allowing them to do the forceps delivery (under the assumption that this was best for my son.) About 45 minutes later between 6 and 10 other doctors/ interns/ students came into my room to observe. Two doctors used the forcep on my son. I had a bad episitomy to allow for the forceps and my boy was finally delivered purple, unresponsive, not breathing, and with an APGAR of 2. His head was turned in the canal and the cord wrapped around his neck. While the doctors were pulling on him with the forceps they nearly strangled him to death.He had bruising, bleeding of the brain and facial paralysis. His left eye would not c lose and his head was dented on either side. The result of the forceps delivery in the long term was a traumatic cataract in his left eye. He has had two eye surgeries (the first at six weeks old) and will have several more. He will present with glaucoma due to this condition. He may lose some or all vision in his left eye if treatment is unsuccessful. He has worn a contact lense since he was eight weeks old. I believe the hospital should have done a c section but did the forceps delivery for some motive.
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