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The family and friends of Kevin Johnson are uniting to raise money to help with his battle against cancer. Please show your support!

The history from Kevin: "On April 1 2011, yes April fools day, i was diagnosed with stage 3 testicular cancer. Stage 3 because it had spread into my abdomen and into my lungs. Chemotherapy was immediately started because I was in so much pain. I did 4 rounds of a chemo called BEP. Each round was 5 days 8 hrs a day. After that I had surgery to remove the testicle.
My tumor markers weren't completely back to normal yet so I did 2 rounds of TIP chemo. After those 2 rounds I was scheduled for an RPLND surgery in early November 2011. During the surgery 36 lymph nodes were removed from my abdomen as well as a mass that was near my left kidney. It was a grueling 6 hr surgery n recovery was about 2 months. We got good news from the surgery that the nodes all tested negative for cancer and the kidney mass was dead. We thought we were at the end and had beaten it. Tumor markers at this time hit the normal level. Happy holidays for us.
However there were still a couple small masses in my lungs that we were cautiously watching, thinking they were more than likely just dead tissue. In March of 2012 I went to the emergency room with severe chest pains and shortness of breath. Found out I had a collapsed lung from fluid buildup outside the lung. The cause of this, of course being the cancer had come back.
Mayo in Rochester was then contacted by my oncologist from Minot. Found out I got to do another 6 grueling rounds of chemo that beat me up pretty bad. The idea was after these 6 rounds, I'd have surgery to remove what was left in the lungs. So I finished the 6 rounds and we went in to see the Dr in Minot, expecting to talk surgery. He told us the cancer was advancing and that the last 2 rounds of chemo I did hadn't had any affect on the cancer. Surgery wasn't possible.
I was immediately turned over completely to a specialist at Mayo clinic in Rochester MN. There I was told I would get 2 rounds of salvage chemo to weaken the cancer and get it back under control. Then I would receive 2 rounds of high dose chemo with a stem cell transplant to rescue my body after each round. 
So here I am today. I've done the 2 salvage rounds and am recovering now waiting to start the whole 6 week stem cell transplant process on November 6. For those of you who like odds, I was told around 50/50 this works. But me, I don't deal in odds. In my mind this is 100% gonna work and we will get back to our lives again, where we actually have some control. I've fought too hard and have too much to live for(Justine), not to win this battle."
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