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This is Mikeys service dog fund and will be used for the cost of our trip to pick up the service dog and to attend all the trainings.

We are raising money to get Mikey our oldest son a autism service dog. He was diagnosed with aspergers when he was 6 years old. we started to see doctors when he was 3 years old. All the money that we raise here will go toward our trip to attend a 2 week training to pick up the dog and attend follow up training 2 months later.
We greatly appriciate all the help from everyone at this time.

Mikey is a fun loving little boy, who was born on July 2, 2004 who is just a little confused about the world around him. With the help of a service dog he can explore his world safer.

We have always knew that there was something odd about Mikey since he was a baby, but with him being our first child it was hard to compare him to other children. Everyone just kept telling us he was a boy he will out grow it all boys go through this, its just a stage he will out grow it. We knew differently. Mikey use to head but hard surfaces, floors whatever he felt he needed to hit his head on to relieve anxiety or whatever he was experiencing at the time. He would hurt himself and run off a lot as well, we felt like we were doing something wrong, we weren't giving him enough discipline is what we were always told. He eventually turned 3 and we had no one on our side to give us any opinions or advice for him until he entered preschool.

Mikey started school in september 2007, he went to a great school and had wonderful teachers that would be around him for 3 hours a day. After awhile of being in school and a few conferences the teacher met with us and told us that they thought he might have autism. We as parents didn't think autism, I then went home and started to research autism and found many different forms or the spectrum and started to read signs and compare them to Mikey and how he has been since birth to 3 years old. He had lost communication skills, he was to the put of making sounds and pointing to what he wanted, clothes and the way they felt bothered him, he lined things up and knew if you moved something from that line (mainly his toy cars), he would run off from us whether it was out in the public or at home. We had to call the police many times to help us find him when he was hiding somewhere. now that Mikey is 7 he still does the things listed above but now with added aggressive behaviors toward himself and others when he gets upset by something, which happens easily and often.
I made him a doctors appointment to talk with his pediatrcian who then referred us to the Children's hospital in seattle, I felt like we reached a dead end they didn't do any testing on him at all and just told us after watching him for 10 mins in the office visit that there was nothing wrong with him, we knew better and so did the staff at his school. We then seeked anothe doctor at Marybridge childrens hospital in Tacoma, WA. We got answers and he was diagnosed 3 years later with aspergers syndrome. which is high functioning autism.

How will a service dog help Mikey?

A service dog will allow Mikey more freedom while in public, he would be tethered to the do to allow him to walk freely beside his dog. The service dog would be trained in tracking, the dog would be able to sniff out Mikey and led us to him if he was to get away, the dog would also to help calm him down when he is having sensory issues that make him to overwhelmed, the dog would also help to keep him from dangerous activities. Which he seeks out a lot because danger doesn't bother him he will run into a street full of cars, the dog will not allow this. The service dog to be placed with Mikey will be specially trained to meet his needs. We will be a 3 person team where an adult would give the dog commands.
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