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Need to have complete full mouth extractions of all 28 teeth due to Periodontal Disease, over 50% bone loss. All donations appreciated.

Hello, My name is Lisa. Please know that asking for help is extremely difficult and embarrassing for me.

I need to have complete full mouth extractions of all 28 teeth because I am suffering from Periodontal Disease and have over 50% bone loss. Fortunately, my general dentist has insured me that the bone structure of my upper and lower jaw, is still good enough to replace with dentures but unfortunately I need the healing temporary dentures, then after 10-12 months I would receive permanent dentures. I had several infections in my gums recently, so I took large dosages of vitamin c through out each day. Typically my infections would go away but the pain got worse and I had to stop eating to avoid more infections. After several days the pain would become unbearable so I eventually went to a dentist to schedule root planing. I was shocked to see the evidence he presented to me. I knew I had minor periodontal issues but the disease seems to have progressed far faster due to being on high blood pressure and cholesterol medication (never thought they could be a contributor). My medications also caused a lack of saliva production which has accelerated decay in the bone. I now have 2 teeth in the front and a couple on the sides which are severely loose. I fear coughing or sneezing, even sometimes talking can cause the top teeth to hit the lower in such a way it brings tears to my eyes and pain for several days.

Over the past few years we just couldn’t afford medical/dental insurance and this led to an inability to obtain yearly root planing which I had previously done for many years. The pain is so intense at times I can only sleep to help the pain. The infections are becoming constant now. As a result I am rapidly losing weight which in turn is hurting my overall health. I was told told by my general dentist that I will likely have to stay on Penicillin 500 milligrams 6 times a day to help slow the infections till this can be permanently solved. It has been seven days now and the 500mg dosages of Pencillin didnt do anything. I returned to my general dentist and he agreed to change the perscription. I am now on Augmentin 875mg twice daily for another 7 days. This is the strongest available antibiotic. Due to its cost of 174.86 I have to use a generic brand (Amox/K Clav 875-125 Tab) but am told the ingredients are the same. But this is only a temporary fix, not a cure, and was further informed that the infection is also in the actual teeth not just the bones.

I stopped eating apples whole 4 yrs ago, then eating sandwiches became difficult, and now I can’t even eat simple things like toast or crackers. Right now I am only able to consume strictly soft foods and liquids. I cannot eat any foods with acidity. I never realized until now that there are not that many food options under these circumstances.

I normally work with my husband assisting him in remodeling, siding and window jobs or anything we can find for work in this economy. At this point it is just barely enough to cover our rent, bills, groceries. Our extended families are struggling as well and in no better condition to help.

*PLEASE KNOW* periodontal disease is NOT always due to lack of dental care, I have always brushed my teeth 2-3 times daily, flossed and never drink soft drinks, coffee, tea, or eat much junk food. My case is 80% genetic and poor health care given as a child.

I have tried all available resources including state aid, public clinics, dental schools, etc., to no avail. Time has just run out and we only have about $422.00 saved towards this major surgery. We recently were able to acquire Aetna Dental Access Insurance which would reduce the surgery costs by nearly 50%.

I have shopped for the lowest costs and safest dentists in my area (Central Florida) and have an excellent general dentist and an oral surgeon now who can do these procedures with the least amount of problems in after care. But because of the advancement of my issues they are requesting a lung xray and ECG prior to surgery to ensure my body can go through the procedure safely. I was originally quoted $12,756.00 for all procedures required, now with Aetna Dental Access the costs are significantly reduced to $7,741.00

I pray daily for help and that I am not affecting my other organs. But the simple fact is - periodontal disease does affect your heart, kidneys and liver. I have also included facts backed by links for anyone who may think they may have periodontitis. Any contributions or help would be highly appreciated and make me forever grateful.

Thank you for listening to my story.
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