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Please Help Us! Gene greatly needs your help at this very stressful time in his life.

In July of this year – Gene was diagnosed with stage III Rectal cancer. They found a large tumor and Johns Hopkins immediately started him on a chemo and radiation plan, which is very expensive. This is done prior to surgery to try and reduce the tumor which is in a difficult location. The smaller the cancer, the easier the removal will be. Also, having radiation and chemo prior to surgery leads to a lower risk of reoccurrence. The first surgery will be in late November. The first surgery is to remove and reconstruct and the second surgery will be to reconnect the rectum back. In between surgeries Gene will have an ostomy bag, which, are changed frequently and each bag will be quite costly. We are all praying that all will go well and that reversal of the surgery will be possible and a success. No one knows for sure what they will find, until the surgery is done.
Gene went to Radiation every day for over 5 weeks, after working a long day. He gets home late, tired from working, tired from treatments, not able to sleep well if at all, has just enough time to get dinner and go to bed to get rest for the next day of work. Yes Gene has been working through all the horrific treatments that have burned his insides and have caused him to lose a considerable amount of weight and energy and as bad as he has felt both physically and mentally, has only missed 2 days of work. As a matter of fact, these are the first 2 days that he has taken off in 12 YEARS! That was due to the scheduling of his first MRI and PET Scan, which he could not avoid.
He went out of his way to schedule everything he could on his day off, which is Monday. His normal work week is Tuesday through Saturday. He is trying to work as long as he can before surgery in order to pay for his monthly bills. Of course, this doesn’t even count the medical bills that are rolling in.
No one has any idea by looking at him how fearful he is about surgery, the medical bills now, and the ones yet to come. No one knows how much stress and pain he endures daily – both physical and emotional, how tired he is – but still manages to go to work each day with a positive attitude, a kind way with his customers and always takes care of everything down to detail even giving treats to his customers dogs. He has built a friendship with his customers over the years. A lot of them are praying for him.
Gene has no family to help support him – only a few close friends. He has a heart of gold, the biggest heart a person could possibly have. He would be the first person to help anyone in need. It brings tears to my eyes to know he is so alone with his worries and financial concerns of how he will be able to pay his mortgage, buy food, and take care of himself with all the bills he will have to face. The medical bills are now just beginning. If all goes well with the first surgery, he will have a second round of Chemotherapy and hopefully, the second surgery to reconnect the rectum, will be possible. If not, he will have a permanent ostomy bag. He will be out of work for a long time with no income. He fears loss of his home and his life.
Gene has given to so many people in his life. It’s his turn to have people help him fight the biggest battle of his life. He can't do this alone. We have got to help him! The bigger bills will be coming in soon and we need your help so much. Chemotherapy and radiations, all the MRI’s and CT scans are not all covered by insurance. So the bills continue to come in and he has not even had the surgery yet. He luckily has a high deductible policy, but it leaves him responsible for large co-pays and expenses. It was all he could afford with insurance rates being what they are.
It is our hope to raise $25,000 to help him with his medical bills, mortgage and just the general things you need to live. Help him to feel a little relief from some of his worry, so he can heal, get well, and get his life back again. Life has dealt this wonderful man a terrible disease. The Doctors at Hopkins are doing the best they can do to get him back to health again. But we, as his friends, co-workers, and people who’s lives he has touched, need to help him. Please look deep into your hearts and help us to raise money for him. Any donation you can give will help & be appreciated. We need to pull all of our resources and help him get his life back. Thanks for reading.
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