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Pierre's family is looking for a way to purchase an AAC device and software for him! The least expensive one on the market is the iPad.

Pierre is non-verbal, but a very bright little boy! He was born in Haiti and traveled to the US at the age of 3 months to receive treatment for his cleft lip and palate. It became clear very quickly that he had more to deal with than just a cleft. After many months and extensive tests, he was found to be missing his pituitary gland and his corpus collossum. The medicines and steroids needed every day of his life are not available readily (or steadily) in Haiti, so his mother made the very difficult decision to place him for adoption. Doug and Mary are so blessed to be his adoptive parents! Because of his immigration status (medical visa), he cannot receive any federal or state care like Medicare, or be on their insurance. All his medical needs are paid for out of pocket. After several weeks of trial with an iPad, it was found that the AAC devices offered with it gave him a voice! Pierre can sign, but not clearly. He can sign that he wants to eat, but with an AAC device, he can specify what he wants to eat. He can sign that he's tired, but with an AAC device, he can sign that he wants his blanket with him. But then Pierre's speech pathologist broke the news that his treatment hospital no longer donates the iPad to families and one would need to be purchased. Because they pay for all his medical expenses, medicines, and gas for the 2 hour drive to his many doctor and therapy appointments, the Morris family cannot afford the cost of an iPad. Every month that goes by without a form of communication, it gets harder to break through the difficulties associated with his midline defects!

Thank you for taking the time to read this!
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