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This is Lisa's surgery fund. All funds will be used for surgery costs, travel cost, and vitamins/supplements. Thank you and be blessed!!

I had no idea that my health had been seriously compromised by my weight. I suffer from the following: hypertension, dyslipidema, hypovitaminosis D, cholelithias (gallstones), gastroesophageal reflux, fatty liver disease, Degenerative disc disease, carpal tunnel, osteo arthritis, depression, asthma, metabolic syndrome, heart arrhythmia and obstructive sleep apnea. I am shocked and saddened by my health. In my younger years I was very active. I participated in cheer leading, dancing, gymnastics, volleyball, basketball, hiking, camping, swimming, etc. I was able to play with my kids. Now it is an effort to walk long distances without knee and back pain. My quality of life is compromised. I can not (comfortably) interact with my own kids or the amazing kids I teach at Sunday School and Awana's. My weight has affected my self confidence. I DO NOT allow photos of myself to be taken. I have purposely avoided careers in which image is important - legal and medical field. I feel I can not be a good role model to my children. My relationship with my husband is also compromised.
This past September I obtained insurance thru Nevada medicaid. After researching, I learned that gastric bypass is a covered benefit and an answer to prayers. So my journey began; monthly appointments with a bariatric surgoen, extensive lab work with my PCP, mental health counseling, change in diet (my kids aren't too happy with that, LOL), gym membership (Praise God for our scholarship at the local YMCA!), physical therapy, ultrasounds on spine and liver, more lab work, mammo, etc. I finally met ALL the requirements for surgery. My doctor submitted the paperwork for pre-authorization. Oh no!!! My insurance has been cancelled effective April 1st. I feel like I have been punched in the gut!! I am afraid that if I don't get the medical intervention that I need now, I will be "one of those fat people you see riding in the scooters at Wal-Mart". Our finances make it impossible to pay for the expense of the surgery ourselves. I have researched and located a reputable surgeon in Mexico that has the self-pay price of $4500 plus travel costs compared to my surgeon's price of $17k plus the hospital fees here in Vegas. I submitted all my paperwork to Dr. Mario Almanza. His response, "Everything looks great and your patient history form was approved for surgery by Dr. Almanza! Congratulations! Please bring your C-Pap machine with you." and, Your surgery date is approved and is still available at this time: September 19, 2012. "
I am praying that my story will reach the hearts of individuals out there and will be a blessing to me, my husband, my kids and my other friends and family. Would you please help me and my health???
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