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The funds will be used for Lianas medical costs and related expenses not covered by insurance.

Liana Donnelly is 22 years old, and shes a big sister...a daughter and a friend to many people who love her so much. She was in a terrible car accident on July 9, 2012 that left her with extensive brain damage. The car rolled several times and landed on the passenger side where she was sitting. Her two friends had minor injuries but she was in critical condition and air flown to the hospital in North Dakota, Her mom, Adrianne, and sister, Alyssa, are at her bed side as she is getting treated. The critical care team had the staff do an MRI of her brain. Results show Extensive injury to the cerebral hemisphere and brain stem as well as the cerebellum. There is brain stem hemorrhage as well as Inter ventricular and ocular hemorrhage." basically, her left brain and brain stem are so severely injured she is not responding to any stimuli. There is no eye movement/blinking or pupil dilation. We remain hopeful and keep praying.Liana is scheduled to have an EEG which will show her brain activity. There is still no pupil or eye movement at all. She has a new neurologist who stepped in and took over, and she is absolutely wonderful. Due to the damage on the left side of her brain, her right side should be paralyzed. However, during the doctors evaluation, Liana moved her right leg and slightly shifted her arm. Though most movements are considered meaningless involuntary reflexes, this new doctor noticed certain things that Liana had to specially have control of. We remain hopeful and encourage the prayers to keep coming.Results of the EEG showed flat lines on the left side of her brain, within the temporal and parietal lobes, which control language. Doctors are saying she will not be able to speak or even understand/communicate. Though she is able to breathe on her own, she would not have the strength to clear her airways therefore needing a permanent feeding tube and a tracheotomy. Liana has a whole life head of her. She has a beautiful loving spirit. She is fighting for her life right now. Her family would like to move her to a hospital in Virginia and will cost out of pocket. Please help, anything counts.Thankyou and God bless.
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