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KCM is partnering with organizations, church leaders, police, the government, and also the affected victims, their families to fight the evil of child sacrifice. We have launched a campaign that will tackle this problem. Will you join us?

Will you help raise support for Kyampisi Childcare Ministries and their fight to end child sacrifice in Uganda? Over 900 children were feared dead in 2009 alone...KCM is fighting to change the future younger generation in Uganda...will you join us? Alan's story is written below...Alan is currently living at the KCM house...the Jesus house! I am returning back to Uganda in a few months and would love to come with proof that we care...even though we are half a world away we are going to join together to fight against Child Sacarfice in Uganda and support the ministry of KCM and their efforts! Monies raised will go towards Alan's operations and KCM needs to further their campaign! 



Allan Ssembatya, an intelligent 7 year old boy was kidnapped as he was on the way back from school with his friends during October, 2009.  After countless hours searching, someone heard a whimpering from under a bush. They rushed to find Alan, barely alive and laying in a pool of his own blood. His wounds were horrific. His skull had been ripped open by the heavy blow of an axe, and a section of his skull had been removed. He suffered a deep stab wound to the neck, and was castrated. Yet he was alive. This innocent life had become yet another victim of (attempted) child sacrifice.

Child sacrifice is an epidemic sadly on the rise in Uganda and other parts of Africa. Every year, countless numbers of children are killed on the command of traditional healers and witch doctors. Individual body parts, most often facial features and the genitals of these vulnerable and innocent children are cut off for ceremonial use in the belief that they will be consumed by spirits, leading to riches or dissolution of other problems. This is a deeply disturbing phenomenon – strongly driven by fear, superstition, religion and magical thinking. Social, economic, cultural and psychological factors influence the sickening act.

Once Alan was discovered alive, was rushed to Kayunga Hospital in Kayunga Distict, and transferred to Mulago Hospital where he urgently underwent surgery. The team of surgeons successfully closed the deep wound to his skull with skin, and stabilised his other injuries. Alan’s deep wounds led to a stroke however, and as a result he remains with left sided loss of sensation and weakness. Since the attempted sacrifice, he also suffers epileptic type attacks. Amazingly, and as a testament to his determination and positive spirit, Alan has recovered full ability of his left leg over time. Yet sadly, he remains with weakness and numbness in his left arm.

Alan and his father willingly became a voice in our ‘End Child Sacrifice’ Campaign, and his story touched our hearts, and the hearts of many others. Through God’s grace and the efforts of KCM and Jubilee Campaign, Alan’s story has been heard. A respected Neuro Surgeon in Kampala has come to know of Alan’s impacting story and has offered to head the surgery along with a team of skilled surgeons, to close the gap in Alan’s skull. While surgeons were initially able to close the wound to Alan’s skull with tissue (see above photo), the brain has remained vulnerable to impact and further damage due to the remaining gap in the protective skull bone. This is where we send out an appeal.

Alan, who lives with his single father, is also a victim of poverty. His father stopped work to care for Alan, and struggles to cover the cost of his medications and doctor visits, let alone pay school fees and prepare a meal for his family. Therefore, KCM are sending out an appeal to cover the costs associated with Alan’s surgery and recovery. Some of the costs of the scheduled surgery have been generously donated by the team of surgeons working on Alan’s case, however there are various other expenses associated with the hospital admission and recovery which we appeal for your assistance to meet. The estimated costs are listed below:


COST ESTIMATES for some of the expenses:



· Eco-cardiogram (ECG): 40,000/- ($20 USD)

· Chest X-ray: 30,000/- ($15 USD)

· Blood Tests (FBC, electrolytes, LFTs, RFTs, INR, APTT) : 65,000 /- ($33 USD)

· Brain CT Scan: 600,000/- ($300 USD)


· Hospital Admission: 10,000 /- ($5 USD) per day

· Medications: 10,000 / - ($5 USD) per day

· Food for Alan & attendant (father) during hospital stay: 15,000/- ($7.50 USD) per day

· Dressings: 5000/- ($2.50 USD) per day



If you feel led to help this little boy at this time of surgery, and through his recovery, we thank you! Please pray as God carries Alan through this challenging time: that he will be well prepared for the surgery, both physically and mentally. Pray also that the recovery and rehabilitation will be quick and free of complications. Pray for Alan’s father also, that he may have peace during this stressful time.

We thank you for considering Alan, for praying and for helping in whatever ways you feel you are able. May God bless you.


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