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Let's rally around our beloved friend & teacher Theresa, who needs our support during her journey with cancer.

Welcome 2016! It has been 2½ years since my diagnosis. At this point I have exhausted several cancer drugs but my oncologist says that there are still more to try, although I am still searching for a way out of chemo. The greatest challenge of 2015 was in dealing with my mind as the reality of my situation became more clear. This phase is continuing. However my mind is more at ease due to the alternative treatments. Because the alternative treatments have proven to be immensely helpful in dealing with the physical effects of chemo I no longer have to expend as much energy handling these effects. Even so, I am never symptom free as I can no longer keep up with the accumulated damage created by the chemo. In 2015 your donations helped in many ways. I was able to pay the security for an apartment, begin periodontal work (opportunistic infection from reduced immunity caused by chemo), obtain all new glasses (also caused by chemo), and assistance with general living expenses. My Medicare will start mid-year but for now the insurance deductible for the year renews and the supplies for alternative treatments need to be replenished. Medical expenses are overwhelming even with insurance. And the expenses for alternative treatments are totally out of pocket. We have continued our research into Stage IV Ovarian Cancer and have found many promising alternative treatments. Alternatives often involve nutrition and supplements or detox, almost all of which need to be put aside while surviving the effects of chemo. But thanks to this fundraiser I have the money to put into treatments. Whenever I find a treatment that I can put my energy into I now have the means to give it a try. Your suggestions for cancer treatments and living with cancer are also welcome. Everyone has already done so much, but I need your continued help. In managing this chronic disease I’m still looking for the balance between treatments and quality of life. If you would like to send a check instead of donating through this site please send a check to Theresa Rowland: 2 Green Village Rd, Suite 216, Madison NJ 07940. Thank you so much. Love, Theresa photo by Tanya Breen              
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