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Lets rally around our beloved friend & teacher Theresa, who needs our support during her journey with cancer.

Welcome 2017!

 It has been 3½ years since my diagnosis. The greatest challenge of 2016 was in dealing with more severe and longer lasting symptoms from the chemo and premeds.  I’ve been receiving infusions of Doxil for some months now. I no longer receive Avastin and my blood pressure is returning to normal levels. But I am consistently anemic and now need supplementation to keep me in balance.

Within the realm of chemotherapy there have been a few advances that I have benefitted from. Emend (anti-nausea) is now included in my every 3 week infusions. And Neulasta (bone marrow stimulation) is now administered by a needle patch instead of having to go back to the hospital for a shot.

Currently I take much smaller doses of the alternative treatments. This is, in part, due to my allowing myself to take tiny amounts of a prescription for anti-anxiety. My mind is also more at ease now that the studio has a new owner and its continuity is ensured so long as it remains viable financially.

It continues to take a huge amount of energy to figure out at any moment why I feel the way I do and what to do about it. The alternative treatments are immensely helpful in this respect, dealing with the physical and mental effects of chemo. Even so, I am never symptom free as I can no longer keep up with the accumulated damage created by the chemo.

 I have lots of good hours, but no more good days.

These challenges are balanced by the rejuvenation from creating more clarity at Studio Yoga. I’ve also been able to carve out more social time.

 In 2016 your donations helped in many ways including general living expenses.

 My Medicare started mid-year 2016, but as many of you know the fees for Medicare and supplemental insurance take a big chunk out of social security and even with that some medical expenses are still high. Then there is the insecurity that goes along with the current political situation. Will I lose my safety net of Medicare, housing, social security?

On the lighter side, we held the biannual Studio Yoga Retreat in the Poconos at Arsha Vidya Gurukulam. With the help and excellent  teaching of Susan Turis, Jill Forger, and Suddhatma  we were able to put together an experience that was both rejuvenating and inspiring. Mahesh Kumar Selvaraj created a moving video of the graduation ceremony (puja). The puja marks milestones in the progress of the yoga teachers and their education.

Your suggestions for cancer treatments and living with cancer are welcome. Everyone has already done so much. Your generosity and compassion are astounding.

I need your continued help. In managing this chronic disease I’m still looking for the balance between treatments and quality of life.

If you would prefer to send a check instead of donating through this site please send a check to Theresa Rowland: 3 Locust St. #3, Madison NJ 07940.

Thank you so much.



 photo by Tanya Breen              


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