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Marks mom and little brother are working together to get Marks medical bills paid. Please help out by showing your support.

August 18, 2010 started out like any other day. Until I received the phone call that every parent dreads. My son Mark had been hit by a car and was being taken to the hospital. At first I thought, "you're joking, right?" My son and his friends are silly kids. They'd do something like that to me. Or would they? That's pushing the jokes a little too far. No, it wasn't a joke. My son was at a friends house and they were playing hacky sack in the road. This was a residential, quiet neighborhood. One of my sons friends left to go to the store and when he came back, he lost his good judgment. He decided it would be funny to drive upwards of 35 mph straight towards my son and see if he could "jump out of the way" fast enough. Unfortunately he didn't. My son went one way and his friend went the same way and clipped him, throwing him up onto the windshield and then to the ground. He landed on his head, bending his neck, he couldn't move and no one knew if he was broken, paralyzed or what. 5 minutes after the first call, I received the second call saying that now my son was going to be air lifted to the trauma center. The regular ground ambulance wasn't comfortable with his injuries. So they loaded him and drove him over to an open area where the helicopter could land. As I was frantically rushing around getting things ready to leave, I heard the helicopter fly over my house. To this day, my stomach turns when I hear that noise. I followed the helicopter with my eyes on the way to the hospital. Knowing that is your child inside and not knowing the extent of his injuries was the worst feeling of my life. This was my baby we were talking about! Fortunately for Mark, he was not injured beyond repair. His head had no internal bleeding and his spine was in tact. His left ear was torn half way off and sewn back on by a Plastic Surgeon. His left foot was fractured. He had a medium sized incision to the back of his head that required stitches. The left side of his face was badly tore up by road rash, and his front teeth were knocked out. My son had just turned 18 and had no medical insurance. He was working a job that didn't offer benefits. The cost of the Life Flight alone was over $24,000. The ground ambulance another $2,000 plus the level one trauma care, physician bills, follow up care, dental work, medications etc. The boy that hit him was 19 at the time and had the bare minimum on his vehicle policy. They offered my son $15,000 as that was the maximum it covered. Because the boy was an adult, his parents weren't liable to pay the bills, and he himself had no job. I took out all of my retirement and put it towards the bills. I didn't want my sons credit affected because of something someone else did to him. His adult life is just beginning. He is a smart, wonderful boy with a full life ahead of him. His brother, who was 11 at the time, gave him all he had in his savings account (maybe $200.00, but it was the thought that counted) and said he wanted to help with the bills too. I'm a single mother and my kids mean everything to me. But I can only do so much. I now have no retirement fund, but my son and his future is more important to me. We've paid down $56,423.00 so far and have a little over $12,000 to go. Any amount helps as we've learned. Thank you for taking the time to read my story. Let's keep our fingers and toes crossed :)
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