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A Veteran & Family Man, that suffered a traumatic accident, is asking for donations for a surgery that will save his right foot.

A 41-year-old Veteran & Family Man who suffered a traumatic accident is asking for assistance in raising money for an ankle replacement surgery that will save his right foot. My wife and I have two boys and a brand new baby boy. We own a small business that specializes in wood stove and fireplace installation. We live in the small town of Espanola in Northern New Mexico, and like everyone else in this struggling economy we are doing our best to survive.

In May of 2011 I fell 18 feet through a deck. In the fall I destroyed my right ankle and I was very lucky that was the only injury I suffered. A fall from that height through a deck could have very well killed me. There are two bones in the lower leg the Tibia, which is the large bone and the Fibula, which is the small bone. In the fall I broke the end of my right Tibia and shattered my right Fibula in about 13 pieces. I have had two surgeries by Dr. Mario Quesada, in attempts to put my ankle back together and they have not been completely successful due to the extensive damage I received in the fall. The first surgery was an emergency surgery performed to stabilize my ankle to prevent further damage and allow the necessary time for the massive swelling to go down in order to go back and attempt to plate the shattered bones of my lower leg. Two weeks later Dr. Quesada performed the second surgery. Where he placed two three-inch long screws in my Tibia and a five-inch plate with five screws in my Fibula. The intent was that the plate system in my Fibula would hold the fragment of my Tibia together and the screws in my Tibia would stabilize that fracture and allow them both to heal. The screws placed in my Tibia effectively stabilized the bone and allowed it to heal. However the fragment of my Fibula failed to regenerate and my body simply absorbed the fragment. Because the bone fragment was absorbed the plate ended up embedding itself in my Talus, the heel bone of my foot. As a result of this I cannot place any weight on my right foot. If I attempt to step or stand on my right foot I put pressure on that plate and the pain is excruciating! I have to use a special support brace called a PTB-AFO. This brace offloads my foot somewhat and enables me to get around and will help prevent further damage while I wait for my next surgery. I am currently under the care of Dr. Seth Launer, a Podiatrist who specializes ankle implants and Fibular reconstruction. His prognosis is that due to the extensive damage I received in the fall and the fact that my body failed to regenerate the bone fragment I need an ankle replacement and he needs to reconstruct my Fibula.

My insurance rejected approval of the procedure and the VA Medical Center here in NM does not perform ankle replacement surgeries. The insurance denial stated that the procedure was not medically necessary due to the nature of experimental procedures with ankle implants at this time. The only options that the insurance will cover would be fusing the ankle joint or amputation. Long story short my limited small business medical insurance just doesn't want to pay for an ankle implant. The complete surgery and medical costs total $74,000 and I am trying to raise the money for my procedure. Please help me save my foot!!!

Thank you.
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