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Let's get two girls out of Puerto Rico so that they may live.

Two friends, Heather and Jessie are in a real sticker of a problem. They are in need of money quickly to get out of Puerto Rico to save both of their lives. If we can get them out of there and into the States, they will both be saved.

We are in need of only $1000 to get them to Florida from Puerto Rico by plane so they do not get killed. Please help!

They are being hunted by a gang that was supposed to have killed one f the girls two years ago, her friend helped her survive an attack by 5 men who had raped her and intended to kill her. After unsuccessfully attempting the murder of the girl, they are after her and her friend who had helped her survive in the next coming months.

The funds will be sent to my friend Daniel Woods so we may buy the plane tickets for them. Names have been changed to protect the two girls.

Here is a conversation between the two girls on an online game called secondlife, even though they know eachother in real life, this is how they communicate:

LittleMissTaiga: hey..

FennecRenard: I know you're scared..

FennecRenard: I'm scared too...

LittleMissTaiga: Heather..

FennecRenard: Yes?

LittleMissTaiga: i like daniel a lot but the gang is not going to give up on wanting to kill me..

FennecRenard: Come now Jess...I thought you were the strong one here...

LittleMissTaiga: i never fell in love like this..

FennecRenard: I know you like him a lot, just yesterday and the only thing you could type were happy faces.

LittleMissTaiga: Heather..if I dont make it out tell daniel i relly enjoyed being with him..

FennecRenard: Don't say that just yet...We're going to get out of way...or the other...

LittleMissTaiga: i thought i made a friend, but i made a partner and he knows and accepts me a bit more than other ppl

FennecRenard: I'm glad. :3

LittleMissTaiga: but i want you to tell him that its been fun, but if i dont make it...dont let him blame himself...i didnt relly think i was going to find a guy like that, lol...i thought it would be a woman..but no, hes a guy thats willing..

FennecRenard: T///^///T Guess we both are lucky huh?

LittleMissTaiga: lucky? babe we are..dont know the wordbut we hav been gifted with these men

FennecRenard: Yes we have Jess...Yes we have...

LittleMissTaiga: i do have to admit, im a little scared of going there or not even be able to get on the plane on time..

FennecRenard: We will get there on time Jess <3 We will. Just have to wait a little more.

FennecRenard: I know time is not exactly what you have right now, but...I know we will both get out of here...

LittleMissTaiga: i dont doubt it but i just want u to get out of here.......


LittleMissTaiga: heather i dont want u getting another chest pain, so listen up...

LittleMissTaiga: u will get on out of here, if they get me, they get me..point is i dont want u to be here or near me if i go down...

LittleMissTaiga: i cant take a car ride with u cause well prob be shot so, im walking to the airport

FennecRenard: I need you as much as you need me on this trip. I can pick you up.

LittleMissTaiga: if i take the car ride wit u, ther will b 2 sad guys waiting on nothing..

FennecRenard: SO!!! You're coming with me and that's final!!!!!!!!!!!

LittleMissTaiga: Heather, calm the fck down

FennecRenard: Fine...

LittleMissTaiga: we do it my way, im walking, u go drive.

FennecRenard: What if something happens on the way?

LittleMissTaiga: less just hope not heather

FennecRenard: Jess...if you don't want to hurt need to get to the airport with me...

LittleMissTaiga: i'll make my way there somehow so

FennecRenard: Better not see you on the news...

LittleMissTaiga: already had my boys arrange my death silent for if something happens

FennecRenard: ...

LittleMissTaiga: i already told daniel i cant promise him anything, if i dont make the trip, i dont want him to wait for me

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