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I am an 18 year old female who has not a penny to her name.

I'm supposed to be paying 200$ a month in rent as well as 50$ for my phone and 50$ for the Internet. I was fortunate enough to receive food stamps so I don't go hungry but a part from that I have nothing. I was working until pain in my feet and back sent me to several different doctors and led to tons of tests. In the end they diagnosed me with pheripheral neuropathy (weakness and shaking in my hands, burning on the soles of my feet, and tingling), a degenerative disc (a disc in my lower back is deteriorating), arthritis right under that disc, a slight curve to my spine (soon to be scoliosis), a trigger point underneath my left shoulder blade (feels like a hot poker is lodged under it), and two pinched nerves (one under my knee and one in my back). With my doctor's help I've gone for disability and I'm in the process of waiting for the answer on my appeal. They denied me the first time because of my age. My parents are both deceased so they can't help, my grandparents are facing their own financial issues, and my friends have helped me all they can but they have their own issues. My insurance is going to run out next June and I'm facing eviction soon with no where to go if I can't pay my rent. I absolutely feel terrible asking for help but I have no where to turn. I've even been through vocational rehab and they could not find me a job that I could work with my medical issues. If anyone out there has any way that they could help, it would be highly appreciated. Thank you for your time.
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