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The Yates Family is trying to rise money to help Veteran David (Rowdy) Yates to fix or replace his truck to get to treatment and store

David a decorated 12yr US Army Ranger Veteran who got out after the first Gulf War said he was tired of the mud and blood. David was working as an explosive engineer when 4in high pressure hose came uncoupled and clipped the driller just below his knee and his leg was just hanging, almost cut it off, david had take his boot lace and had sit on him to keep him still so he could use lace to stop the bleeding.david sat there with him trying to keep him calm sat there soaked in blood until help got there. 45 min.david sat there waiting for help to arrive.They where able to save his leg. A year later his wife call david and told him that ben had died and died of AIDS, David never thought anything about it just that he hated that he passed away. David never thought about getting tested he didn't know that much about AIDS and he didn't think he could contract AIDS in that manner.In november of 1996 david was hurt in a blasting accident .After David went back to work january 1997 and about 2 weeks back work he got a bad case of the flu and that was just the begaining of his tour through pure hell. David lost his job because he wasn't able to work and no job no insurance. David couldn't get anyone to help, he went to the ER many many times with 103,104 temp they just gave him pills and sent him home. a nurse told to try the health dept. By this time David was just wasted away to nothing he went from 175lbs of pure muscle to 115 lbs of bones and skin.David came close to dying many times but David was a Ranger and there wasn't a grave that was going to keep him down.Most of david's famly has shunned him because they don't understand to them he is a leaper and the ones who hadn't don't have the money to help. David has a Old Ford truck that got almost 300,000 miles on it and the last he drove to his Doctor he stopped to get gas and he was stuck 50 miles from home and it cost him $ 125.00 to get it back home. david hasn't been able to get to his doctor ever since and get been 4 months and the doctor to see him and get lab work before he can get refills on his medications. everyone david has ask to look at the truck all has gave different reasons. David has many problems due to the HIV and has to see many different Doctors and he has had to cancel them becuse his truck broke down.dosen't have the money to fix it. David is a simple and proud man and dosen't like to ask for help so I'm asking for him So if you there is any way you can help so this Ranger can get back into the battle. He could sure use your help From my heart Thank You so very much.
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