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AFTER ALL IS WELL WITH HER including any extra money i will keep raising funds for NO KILL NONPROFIT Animal shelters and those people inneed

Hello everyone!!!! I dont mean2 bud in randomly with sad news, WE ARE ALL currently under financial burden in SOME WAY even if that includes or ONLY includes owing ur friend $50, i am 1 among the many others out there in such a situation sadly, but4 many of u who dont kno who Saffron is she is my white black eyed canadian femal ferret of only 3&half years old encroaching onto four, so she is fairly young & shouldnt be having many health problems at all but as i have found out friday evening she has become very sick out of nowhere. This obviously isnt good. She started throwing up, choking& acting not like herself. i waited to see, to observe what would happen. She was lethargic, eyes half slit looked like she was dying& could hardly be her energetic self. she was just lying there, breathing very shallow&slow&motionless &would crawl & hide away under the bedding if she could to try &hide or throw up more. she was NOT her normal self and this was tough enough to see even tho little did i know farther down the road would be worse. LAter during the night she start wretching &dry heaving, i was hoping for her to puke more up, no it started to be blood that was only coming up. She was frantically pawing at her mouth &inside of it like she was trying to rip her mouth off which was scary so i took her to the ER & that whole routine. I was even more upset after this visit for in the end she never needed surgery at that point in time JUST YET there was hope for other methods, but the vet went in too soon possibly or sadly saffron is allergic to anesthesia &died for three minutes and had brain damage resuting to blindness, hopefully potential and only that! fortunately she wasresusitated back, but jsut those short periods of drugs and poking and prodding i just couldnt handle mentally. poor thing. so small and vulnerable. She ended up having a foreign body obstruction in her GI tract/stomach. This obstructions prevents from food to pass through or go back up where it came from, the FB matter because its well FOREIGN it shouldnt be there and their little digestive systems arent designed this way to break down the matter or pass it through necessarily. She couldnt even poop it out! She later on was diagnosed with IBD and possible neosplasia. its like intestinal bowel syndrome in humans almost as for neoplasia is a lead to cancer in her changing cells. she is too young to be so sick and to die! :( She seemed so fine before hand, if i would of known i would of helped to prevent it a little bit further. I have been to TWO different vets already to try to help her, racking up bills i honetly cannot pay this time, money should never be a problem cuz its the root cause of greed and im not going to let it be a problem to try to help an innocent creature who gives us and evryone so much but asks for so little in return. she deserves the very best as of course every animal and pet does. She losther cage mate 2 years ago too so she only as me, her only best friend and I hers. Her life is in my hands and i chose this to be apart of my responsibily and life. It isnt fair to euthanize an animal just because someone doesnt have the finaces too. im trying to avoid surgery and euthanization as best i can, either or all of it is expensive but she is my baby, my mental savior, my lonely aid, my best friend. i have beaten myself up over this way too much, lacking sleep and anymore salty ears to produce (which probably is a good thing otherwise id go blind i think with all this stingyness) jsut keepin up with her thru phone calls and visits and reading up on ALL the information possible i can to be better prepared informed and for other options and support. I know almost everyone has problems too and pets of their own, and i really am not trying to write a sympathy sap story or seem at all like a mooch, i am only being superiorily honest to give you as much detail as possible to understand my situation. She doesnt jsut help me but my family too where it is hard to see a smile nowadays and they light up with her entertainment and companionship. we all benefit from this greatly. Ive done my fair share of donations and volunteer work at many organizations and some animal shelters in the denver and summit areas as well. I can still write another sad and detailed and inspirational comment but if you think about it, every minutes counts for me right now and i have to be on top of it, phone calls, reading and waiting to hear about what is goign on with her every hour of the day. So i cannot waste too much time on here writting a paragraph too long where i could speak about it more quicker than here. i hope you understand. Please email me on here or or call me at 970-453-0151 for ANY questions or info and insight. feel free and dont be shy. I can offer more pictures and sources and proof of anythign you want. i can validate that whatever is hopefully donated will go to her cause. Please and thank you! cheers, bless, id be ever so grateful. Lets talk.
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