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We are raising funds to help pay for extensive surgery that is needed to save our puppy Bleu's leg and life.

My boyfriend James and I are the proud puppy parents of a beautiful four month old German Shepherd, Bleu. Bleu is a bundle of fun and excitement even though she has spent the majority of her short existence in a cast.Her leg was broken in unfortunate accident when she was nearly two months old. We thought we were on the fast track to healing from day one only to have hit complications at every corner.
After spending many weeks in a cast, Bleu was finally given the go ahead to be cast free. We were so excited for this day and thought it would be a few weeks for her to be completely back to normal, but experienced quite the opposite of this. Many vet trips later consisting of different treatments and tests, we were officially at square one again. Bleu has developed a fracture in her growth plate and the vet informed us this was not a good thing. Amputation was suggested and we decided that a second opinion was needed. We took her to a different vet and were referred to Michigan State University Small Animal Clinic.
MSU Small Animal Clinic has finally figured out what exactly is going on with Bleu's leg. She has a vascular shunt located in the leg that was broken. This is incredibly rare and relatively unheard of in dogs. We met with a cardiologist that walked us through what this meant. The vein and artery located in her leg are not supposed to have any sort of connection with one another; a shunt means there is a connection or multiple connections between the vein and artery. This is causing the bones in her leg to develop abnormally due to lack of proper circulation and making her heart work harder than it is intended to work. Fixing the shunt or shunts will not only propel proper growth and health, but will make her life easier. While amputation is an option, due to the vascular shunt it could be something that would ultimately do more harm than good in the sense it could end her life. We have decided to press forward with saving the leg and possibly her life by having surgery to fix the shunt and go forward from there.
We are raising funds in order to be able to afford the surgery and what ever else may come our way. Any and all donations are appreciated and no matter how small mean more than you will ever know! Thank you all!
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