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This is to fund a weight loss surgery that will help not only myself but my entire family. Please assist in fulfilling my dream!

Hi! I am currently trying to raise funds in order to pay for Weight Loss Surgery for myself. My employer specifically excludes ANYTHING to do with weight loss. Nothing is covered, no doctor visits, nutritionists, programs, prescriptions, etc. After numerous attempts at requesting that they review this policy, they continue to exclude all of it. Appeals have now been turned down as well.

I have struggled with obesity for most of my adult life. I have struggled with morbid obesity for the past few years. I have so many things that I want to do in life and the weight is a major hindrance. One of the biggest symptoms of the morbid obesity that I have is fatigue. It literally takes all of my energy to go to work and school full time leaving no energy for other things. I do not socialize as I once do because most of the time I am well beyond tired in addition to being self conscious. I now have a beautiful granddaughter and cannot enjoy her the way a grandmother should be able to! One of my ultimate dreams is to take my kids to the fair and ride all of the rides with them. Heck, I'll even take riding one of the rides with them. I didn't realize how much I have missed out on!

I currently have the following co-morbidities due to my obesity:
Sleep Apnea
Shortness of breath
Heart palpitations
Joint and lower back problems

There are many more that I could acquire eventually and am hoping that I can get this surgery before my health declines even farther.

At this time I am in major need of knee surgery but am not willing/able to have the surgery as it would be too difficult to be non-weight bearing on that leg. As time goes by, the pain in the knee gets worse.

Please know that I am fully aware that this is not a fix all. This is simply a tool that I am hoping to use in attaining my goal of a healthy life! I know this would be just a small step and that I will have lots of hard work to continue to make it happen!

I am hoping to raise enough money to have my surgery and then continue to raise money to donate to Weight Loss Surgery Foundation of America. This is an excellent organization that raises funds for those that are uninsured and need this surgery but cannot afford it.

Please help my fulfill my dream and possibly the dreams of others!
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