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Please help us save Lucy in anyway that you can...Prayers, good thoughts, or good old fashioned money..

As most of our friends know, Lucy is our 2 year old, Olde English Bulldog. She is a 71lb, big-headed, Bully bundle of joy. She means the world to Shane and I and those who know her love her. Lucy has such a calming energy and sweet demeanor, she has even completed certification with Therapy Dogs International to visit schools, hospitals and nursing homes. She is the sweetest dog that I have ever met and had a rough start to her life before we adopted her. When we adopted her she was full of both scars and open wounds from being abused and an extremely painful infection called mastitis in her mammary glands from being bread as a barely developed puppy : (
Well Lucy has another bump in the road now--the big C. She was diagnosed with Stage IV malignant Lymphoma, two mast-cell tumors--one on her chest, one on her shoulder, and a very, very small tumor in her breast. This sucks!! BUT--there is HOPE! Lucy is still acting totally normal and happy, which is great because she doesn't know she is sick yet-- this makes her more likely to fight this stupid disease! She is going to the University of Minnesota and will be needing surgery to remove the tumors and chemotherapy for the Lymphoma, which together could easily approach $6000+, which makes things even more difficult...
What you can do...
PRAY PRAY PRAY...and if you don't pray...think good thoughts for her!!
Also... we have set up this fund if anyone wants to make a small donation for her treatment. Anything helps and everything adds up. PLEASE DO NOT FEEL ANY PRESSURE. Like I said, #1 thing we need are your prayers and good thoughts. But ANYTHING you can spare helps.
(We also might have a little "fun"raiser when the snow melts and get a keg somewhere. Just fun with our friends, family and of course DOGS and have a donation jar for anyone who wants to give :)
Some people might say that she's just a dog or that a pet is not worth all of this, but keep in mind the unconditional love that pets give us. They pick up on moods and share our pain when we're sad. They don't care what we look like or how much money we have, and they would die to protect us. I know it's not a dog, but for anyone who thinks that animals don't feel or love or aren't worth it, watch the video to the left :)
UPDATE 4-7-11 :
Lucy has completed two Chemo therapy treatments at the U of M and has tolerated them relatively well. She's been a little slugglish since the last one, her appetite is iffy and she's been a little sick. However the vet did say this would probably happen and shouldn't last too long. So please pray that she starts feeling better ASAP so she will keep fighting!! Thanks again to everyone who's been praying and helping out with donations. We think about you guys every single day!

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