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Conventional Treatments unsucessful, Need Alternative Cancer treatment to save my life. Im 43 and Stage 4 cervical cancer

After waiting 6 weeks to "heal" from my treatments, My wife Sue and I found out her cancer had spread to her spine, and  liver, Her Dr. said she was now "Uncureable"  He also  gave her less than 5 years to live.  

I cant lose her... She is my soulmate,  my best friend, my everything.  We have been so strong through this, Although we've been given nothing but bad news at every appointment. still we never gave up we kept smiling,  Her last Dr.'s appt. was so devestating,  How do you continue your day after hearing you have less than 5 years to live. There was nothing for me to hold on to how can i smile when I know Im losing her...  Then I found this Hospital and now im able to function, I have hope once more.

After much reasearching on the internet I  found Envita medical center in Scottsdale Arizona, Sue and I  flew there for a consoltation with a Dr. who looked over her MRI  and PTscan tests. He had many treatment options for her that i beleave could save her life.  Just when I thought We had no more hope We found this hospital.

This kind of treatment is not covered by health insurance, therefore we much pay out of pocket for the treatment.  

AlternativEnvita’s Proactive Approach to Remission

The conventional model of cancer treatment operates on a “wait and see” basis. After treatment is administered, patients wait to see how, or even if, their bodies respond to treatment and how long the effects will last. Oncologists use the term “remission” and not “cure,” because it is unknown whether the cancer will come back later on. There still may be cancer cells left in the body, even though there is no sign of it at the time. These cancer cells, which can break out of dormancy, often account for the recurrence of disease.

Alternative treatments  are not covered by health insurance and that is why am in desperate need of help. Below is more info to help you understand a little more about Envita's treatments. 

 Almost 600,000 Americans died of cancer in 2007. In a country where 1.5 million new cases of cancer are reported each year, the importance of discovering new and better ways of attacking the disease is vital. But despite the billions of dollars that have been spent on cancer research, cancer treatments today are relatively stagnant and standardized.

Envita is one of only a handful of clinics around the world that is moving beyond the limitations of standardized treatments and is thinking outside the box.


Immune Function

While conventional use of chemotherapy drugs destroy and disable the immune system, Envita’s innovative therapies can boost immune function and promote the body’s own ability to fight cancer. This difference is critical, as the immune system is the first and last defense against cancer.

Ultimately, no matter what treatment methods are used, it is the immune system that rids the body of cancer and helps speed healing. Our experience has shown that truly effective cancer care must go beyond shrinking tumors to include this element of care.

That is why Envita’s customized treatment plans include a focus on immunotherapy. The American Cancer Society defines immunotherapy as "based on the body's natural defense system, which protects us against a variety of diseases. . . . [and] also works to aid our recovery from many illnesses." Oncologist Herman Kattlove, a medical editor and writer for the American Cancer Society, has recognized that, "Immunotherapy may be one of the only ways left to deal with cancer."*

But restoring the immune system involves much more than juicing, diet, and vitamins. Envita's advanced, research-supported therapies can help modulate and boost immune function for cancer patients.

Envita’s Use of Chemotherapy and Radiation

Not all chemotherapy and radiation treatments are equal. Most standard treatments use delivery methods that cause toxicity and collateral damage throughout the whole body. We work with oncologists who use state-of-the-art technology to achieve targeted and manageable administration of chemotherapy and more precise delivery of radiation. Precision in administration and delivery helps to minimize collateral damage to healthy cells and reduce the side effects normally associated with these treatments. When used in combination with our natural therapies, these treatments have been shown to improve clinical outcomes and quality of life for our patients, by selectively targeting cancer cells while simultaneously supporting immune function.

Using Our Treatments in Combination with Conventional Chemotherapy or Radiation

For those patients who are currently using conventional chemotherapy or radiation, or have completed such treatments, our therapies can reduce the devastating side effects of these treatments while helping them to work more efficiently and effectively.

Our Comprehensive Smart Oncology® program includes extensive supportive care options, including adult stem cell treatments to restore immune function and treatments to improve the overall quality of life for cancer patients.

Because our Comprehensive Smart Oncology® treatments are based on cancer cell biology and function, they also have been shown to be effective in patients who have exhibited multi-drug resistance to conventional treatments.


At Envita, we take a proactive approach to remission by providing our patients with long-term treatment plans. The battle with cancer does not end with the disappearance of a tumor. We continue to provide immune support and other treatments for our cancer patients long after they are done with chemotherapy and radiation regimens. Our long-term approach to care ensures that patients are able to take control over their remission process instead of waiting in fear that their cancer will return.

Revolutionizing Cancer Care

There is so much fear surrounding cancer diagnoses is because of the poor results of standardized treatment plans, which can produce horrible side effects, recurrence of disease, and in the worst cases, lost lives.

But revolutionizing patient care and outcomes has been Envita’s goal for almost a decade. The future of cancer therapy is bright, and making it a manageable disease is the Envita goal.

To obtain a "Research Login" and view Envita's Treatment options and therapies please contact us at 866-830-4576.

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