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Larry is traveling the roughest road he has ever had to travel.

He is fighting for his life. Back in May 2016 larry was diagnosed with stage 3 lung cancer. It was a complete shock to all of us. He has always been very good about his health, by visiting his doctors faithfully. The doctors did a series of biopsy only to discover the nodules were not shrinking but had grown. We waited to hear back from the doctors, hoping that no news was good news. But it was not the news we wanted to hear, they decided that they wanted to attack the cancer aggressively. So the journey began, chemotherapy and radiation would be our weapon of choice. I can't lie we were very scared, but we try to stay optimistic understanding that God only put's on us what he feels we can handle. We as a FAMILY plan to KICK CANCERS BUTT.
Although larry is trying to work it is becoming more and more challenging for him. It has been suggested by his doctors to stop working because the therapies are going to only get worse and they have. But he is the head of his hold and maintains his position by still working. Here is the problem, he is not getting a lot of hours to maintain the financial responsibility of his family. We need your help with housing, transportation and additional treatments not covered by his insurance. We are in crisis mood but we have faith in God and know he is a healing God. We are in the perfect position as a family to accept his breakthrough.
We would like to leave you with these words.
" When you're wrestling with a strongman, you better remember he has two arms. They are both strong. But my God, when the Church works together, when the sons of Ham, Shem, and Japeth lock arm in arm -- a three fold cord is not easily broken. Indeed that strongman will be bound and there's nothing hell can do about it.

Quote from Apostle Peter Griffin
Ecclesiastes 4:9-12.
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