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I would ultimately like to raise enough donations to pay for his veterinarian bill and make a headstone to be placed over his grave.

I rescued Chez as a sick feral kitten, from the observation room at Carson Shelter in June 2000. He weighed 1 ounce in the palm of my hand. Chez became more than just a cat to me, he was my buddy, he became my absolute favorite pet I have ever owned, my life.

Chez would always come to me when I would call him. He enjoyed jumping in the bathtub and licking water from the faucet. He lazily enjoyed laying in front of the heater on the floor on his back, with his paws in the air, forcing everyone to walk around him. He enjoyed sitting on the bathroom carpet mat while I showered and would lick my legs as I stepped out of the shower. He would lick me and give me kisses everyday.

I remember while living in my apartment in Hermosa Beach, Chez would love to run up the staircase to the upper level apartments and just walk into my neighbors apartments that had their front doors open and Chez would just plop himself down right in the center of their living rooms and watch tv with my neighbors. Hours later would go by and Chez would either come back on his own, or the neighbors would have all 20lbs of him in their arms, laughingly asking me if this were my cat and that he just hung out with them, watching tv all afternoon. They'd always tell me he was the coolest cat. Everyone loved Chez.

Chez has been there for me through the deaths of my stepmother and my grandmother and many boyfriend breakups. He would follow us around in the backyard while we picked up the poop, in fact he would help us find the piles so we could pick them up. He was so funny! He would let me hold him, putting my arm around him in bed, all night long. I would wake up still holding him.

I remember one day when Animal Control came to the house, the officer had to step over his big fat body, as the officer just laughed at him. Our friend Andy used to do funny Garfield voices for Chez, which made us all laugh until we cried. When the Animal Control officer had to step over him, our friend's voice talking in the voice of Garfield for Chez, would say "I count for two"

Chez loved our 8900 sq ft backyard and we would always find him walking from lounging out in the shed, to the garage and back into my room through the doggy door. When he would walk with us in the yard, he would plop himself down in the grass and our friend's voice of Garfield for Chez would say, "ugggh, this yard is so huge"

On March 19, 2011 at approximately 4:45pm, Chez was attacked by a large dog that was possibly trying to just play with him, but caused major abrasions and lacerations onto his body, which caused such major trauma and shock that ultimately sent Chez into full kidney and heart failure. I rushed him to the emergency veterinarian on March 22, 2011 at approximately 2:00am, Chez's struggle to survive ended.

Chez was like my buddy, more than just a cat, my buddy. Chez brought me such happiness and joy. He was the easiest boy to love. Everyone that ever had a chance to meet him, fell in love with him. Out of all the animals I have saved over the years, I just couldn't save my own. I am so overcome with grief right now and so heartbroken to have lost my buddy Chez. He will always remain in my heart forever....
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