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Friends and Family of Keith Pevoto are uniting together to help Keith Texas Fight his way back! Please help show your support! Hook'em!

Keith, 39, was diagnosed with Guillain Barre Syndrome after losing feeling in his feet and legs fairly suddenly last September. His neurologist believes that he got it from a random stomach virus. The family has no health insurance and now with the company being foreclosed on the only income they have is what Kim makes by decorating cakes. All donations will go to help Keith and Kim pay for medical expenses as well as things that he needs around the house (i.e. new hospital bed, physical therapy, etc.) The following is a description of how Keith and Kimberly's lives have been over the past year as told by Kimberly. Keith was diagnosed in September 2011. Over the next few months, he began medications as well as physical therapy. Things were progressing fairly well until June of 2012. On that Saturday, June 9, I had been working on a cake all day. Once I finished the cake, I went in to check on Keith to see if he needed anything. He was out of it. The right side of his face was sagging, he couldn't speak and he had used the restroom all over himself. I immediately called my neighbor who is a Comal County Sheriff Deputy. He headed our way and his wife called 911. The ambulances and firetrucks showed up very quick. They immediately loaded Keith into the ambulance and we headed to Cristus here in NB. Well..found out that they do not have a neurologist on staff so we headed to NE Methodist in SA. We were there about 2 hours and discovered their neurologist was on vacation. The dr at NE said Keith had a mini-stroke but we needed to move hospitals to get him better care. They loaded Keith up and we headed to Methodist Stone Oak. Once we got to Methodist Stone Oak, lots of tests were done. Keith was very agitated and definitely not himself. They tried to do an MRA and MRI but he was too combative. They ended up giving him a lot of meds to sedate him so they could do the MRI, MRA and a Spinal Tap. Once those were complete...they thought he had Bacterial Meningitis. They kept him isolated. That night...all our family went to their homes and to their hotel rooms. I stayed at the hospital in the room next to him. At announcement was made over the PA that a rapid resuscitation team was needed in room 539. I ran into his room (539). When I go into the room...they were doing CPR on him. Honestly, it was the scariest moment of my life. At this point, Keith flat lined. They cleared him and used the paddles on him. Oh my gosh...watching the man you love lie there lifeless is horrible. Thankfully, after the third time, the paddles worked and he had a rhythm. He was stabilized but critical. They moved him to ICU where he was intubated and kept sedated. He stayed that way for a few days so his body could heal. During this time, his kidneys failed. Another very scary time for us. In a few days..he started to heal. Keith being Keith decided he didn't like to be intubated, didn't like the NG tube and didn't like he ripped everything out! SCARY!!! Once he could speak again, we found out he had lost vision in his right eye. After speaking with the are his issues: 2 strokes plus a mini stroke Heart damage Viral Encephalitis Viral Meningitis Blindness due to damage in optic nerve Complete incontinence Paralyzed from the waist down Keith is now at home and doing physical and occupational therapy. Since we do not have any medical insurance, I am his nurse, CNA, therapist, cook and cleaner. :) I am doing the best I can. Changing diapers multiple times a day is something I struggle with but we are making it. By the end of each day, we are exhausted but I am blessed to still have my husband! Keith's company was foreclosed on when he couldn't work. Honestly, we are shocked the previous owner did this to us as we considered him like a grandfather. It is so sad that you love someone and they then stab you in the back. :( He locked us out of the office within the first 3 weeks. :(

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