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lorenzo was diagnosed with osteosarcoma at thirteen years old and we are asking for your help on his way to recovery thanks and god bless

on august 5th,2011 we took Lorenzo to the doctor because he kept complaining of severe pain on his right thigh and the doctor then began to tell us he didnt see any visible signs on the thigh and so he assumed it was probably growing pains that many teenagers get as they are growing up but he wanted to do some x-rays just to be on the safe side and prescribed Lorenzo some pain medications and sent us on our way to return back on Monday the 8th to do the x-rays since they closed early on friday when we were there before. We then went back on Monday and they did severeral x-rays and the lady doing them looked at them and told us that by her just looking at the x-rays to her knowledge she couldnt see anything wrong but she had to send them off to a x-ray specialist that way they could read them and give us a accurate reading on them and she proceeded to tell us to go ahead and go home and if they had any problems they would give us a call but besides that just keep in contact with our doctor. We then went on with our day as usual and then we recieved a phone call from the doctor and we found it kind of weird because by this time the doctors office was already supposed to be closed. When i answered the phone the nurse told me that i needed to return back to the doctors office at once and i was to go straight there because they were going to wait until i got there and that she had something to tell me but it could not be said over the phone and only in person face to face. Of course we went straight there wondering what was going on and when we walked in she handed me a paper and told me that she was so very sorry but the x-ray specialist called her and said that he saw something on the x-ray and felt as though it could be osteosarcoma or ewings sarcoma. She said that they already had set up a appointment in alburquerque that same friday the 12th which was also Lorenzos 13th birthday. So many emotions were going though our minds and confusion and anger. Lorenzo asked what did this mean and we just said that we had to do tests and once we find out what is wrong we would explain everything to him. On the 12th we went in and they did more x-rays and also did ct scans bone scans and a mri and examined his leg and said they really could not understand why he was not having any visible signs on his leg. They then said we would have to return back on the 15th and perform a biopsy which meant that he would have to be put to sleep and then a incision would have to be slit on his right thigh and they would remove a piece of bone and tissue to send off to be tested and that it would take around two weeks for the results to be back. On the 23rd we returned back and they then informed us that Lorenzo was being diagnosed with osteosarcoma and that according to protocol he would have to go though chemotherapy and then have surgery to remove his femur bone and have it replaced with a titanium rod. He started chemotherapy immediatly and then one night we woke up to Lorenzo standing at our door crying holding his pillow. We rushed to him and asked him what was wrong and he just said "look" and there was chunks of hair all over his pillow and he had bald spots on different areas of his head and this continued for several days and his eyebrows fell out also. Lorenzos surgery was on November 15th, 2011 and the surgeon informed us that not only did he have to remove Lorenzos femur bone and replace it with a titanium rod but he had to replace his knee also with a prosthetic knee and that with this surgery that Lorenzo would have to get accustomed to a new life with no running whatsoever and no sports for the rest of his life and no jumping and walking with a limp from now on and only being able to bend his knee to a certain point and that as he grows since he is still a growing boy that he would have to get surgeries in different points of his life to change out his femur bone to match his growing pattern.

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