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We are raising funds to treat our pet rat's upper respiratory infection, please show your support for the smaller animals!

A few weeks ago I saved a pair of rats from someone who had accidentally bred their rat and wanted to get rid of the babies. Many of the babies were used as snake food as the entire litter was taken from their mom while their eyes were still closed. The remaining litter was saved and adopted out and I took two of the brothers.

They seemed to be doing well, not use to being able to climb in their large cage, they quickly adapted to a nice lifestyle though within the first few days of them being home with me I noticed that one of the brothers who was a lot smaller began to sneeze. Thinking it was just new-home sneezes I watched him closely but to my dismay have now realized that is developing into a upper respiratory infection and vet treatment is needed.

While calling many vets in my area, rats are considered an exotic pet, so the initial visit for one rat is $60 plus the cost of further tests and of course the needed antibiotics or medication in which they will require. Being a mother to a toddler and struggling in this economy I have hardly the funds to give them the proper treatment they need. Since URI are very contagious, I will need to take both of them in to make sure they both are well. My goal is only $200, which to most non-rat owners, may seem like a lot for such a small pet, but I assure you, owning a rat to me is much like owning a dog or cat and just as important.

Rats are very intelligent creatures and unlike other rodents, very much enjoy human interaction. These boys are very sweet and loving, enjoy being held and pet and really love sitting on my shoulder. I really would love to have some help raising some funds so I can treat them both and give them what they deserve. I gave them a second chance, but now I am asking for help to continue with them.

Any contributions whether it be $2 will help! Thank you very much for reading this :)
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