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Fundraiser for Robbie's Medical Equipment. All funds will be used to cover the costs that are not covered by insurance.

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My name is Robbie and I was born when I was only 31 weeks old on New Years Eve. While the nurses and doctors were still taking care of me in the NICU, a special doctor called a Neurologist told my mommy and daddy that something had happened to my brain when I was born. They said that my brain has a bunch of cysts and said that I have Periventricular Leukomalacia. They also told my parents that this was probably going to make certain things in my life very difficult, but that everyone would do their best to take care of me. Since I was born, I have been through quite alot. Those pesky cysts in my brain have caused me to have Infantile Spasms- a devastating form of Epilepsy, Spastic Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy, and a bunch of vision issues. I am currently seizure free, but the seizures definitely took a toll on my little body. I am almost 2 years old and can not walk or sit on my own. In September I had eye surgery and received Botox injections in my right arm and both of my legs which has helped me alot! I am even learning to crawl... all by myself!!! My parents and the doctors at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia have taken very good care of me. I see MANY doctors and therapists that make sure that I am ok and help me learn to do things. Every week I get 2 hours of Physical Therapy, 2 hours of Occupational Therapy, 1 hour of speech/feeding therapy, and 1 hour of Developmental Therapy... and I'm going to be getting 2 more hours of PT & OT soon! The therapists and doctors say that I do need some special things that will help me out even more, and prevent me from hurting my spine and getting scoliosis until I learn how to control my body more. Along with special braces that I have to wear on my legs, they ordered a special pediatric adaptive stroller (wheelchair), a positioning chair, a gait trainer (to help me walk) and a bath chair (so i don't get hurt in the tub). Mommy and daddy say that these things are EXTREMELY expensive, but that they will get whatever I need to make things easier for me. I know that this is hard for them too. The equipment vendor they were set up with was just on the news for not being so helpful to other kids like me. Because they took too long to help my parents order everything, our insurance switched over to the new year, and now we have to pay for 25% of everything!! (they now got a different vendor that is much faster) $3,078 is ALOT of money for my mommy and daddy because my mommy stays home to take care of me while only daddy works, I have a bunch of medical bills, and so does mommy now because she is pregnant with my baby sister that is due in March! If you can, could you please try to help my mommy and daddy pay for this equipment for me? Even if you can only help with a couple dollars, every dollar helps!! Thank you for thinking about me and helping me in any way you can, even if it is just sharing my story with people that you know! This is what my therapists have on order for me: Kid Kart Xpress Pediatric Adaptive Stroller Prospect Designs Tilt-in-Space Chair Rifton Pacer Gait Trainer Rifton Medium Blue Wave Bath Chair Custom Solid AFO Orthopedic Braces Here are the links to the News channel articles that were done about the vendor that took too long ordering my stuff, and never calls my mommy back :o( ** Updated 11/13/2011 - we are accepting Paypal donations as well. Please find the Donate Paypal link near the Top! ** UPDATED ON 11/8/11- I received a call from the second vendor stating that they finally got the approvals from Aetna switched from Hudson Seating and Mobility to the new vendor Schwarz Medical. The new fundraising goal is now set at what the new estimates of our 25% co-insurance costs of everything that is on order for Robbie right now. I also am uploading 2 images showing a breakdown of these costs.
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