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First I wanted to thank you for stopping by, Let me start by saying I am perfectly normal person who was looking forward to a new start and better quality of life.

MY LIFE HAS been turned upside down, I recently moved from Redondo Beach, Ca to Dallas, TX really just for a better quality of life. However 3 days ago MY C.

Previous to this post, I resided in California, However my apartment that I had rented on the beach was being renovated and all of us Tenants were given 90 days to move out.

So I ifigured if IU was going to move, lets do the big move! I am originally from Dallas ,Tx and I already had plans tok move back to purrhase my own house and just be really to spend my money correctly, as everything in Cali is expensvie.

So I arrived first week of March and immediaty began interviewing, I have a nice resume and a well rounded business
acuman, so the interviews came easy> however this company was very large a they were venturung in to the Healthcare Recuitment. Hoewever things I notoiced thaet they were a little unorganized. At first I just shugged it off.

Fast forward number of weeks 5 to be exact, I was called by the recruiter fo rhte first time.. She mentioned I did well and there potentially would be another meeting, However there never was any follow up.

Keep in mind, I only came out here to better my quality of life. I accpeted their offer even though i did have two others but remained committed to this position.

I was offered the position and then four days before I was to start they rescinded the offer due to a Misdeameanor Disturbing the Peace!! I was devastated! as I was down to my last $100 iun cash and was really looking forward to starting.

since waiting the 5 weeks and then another 3 for the offer approval. the Disturbing the peace turned in to a warrant! I was in contact with the courts to let them know I moved and I just had to resume the classes here ins Texas and go to my last updatre in Octoner and I sucessfully complete their diversion program to have it expundged.

I tried to appeal, but it stands. NOW here is wheere I need your help, they have taken my pride and Joy ininity and I have lost my apartment, so I am assently homless and have no transportation other than a bike.

MY GOAL is I have to have $2017 by July 7th, Anything, contributed will be very much appreciated. I am seeking a few generous people thate can afford. I am already interviewing with other companys, However since I have no car they have slowed. As you can imagine the amounty of presure and stress lately has been almost unbarable.

I am working on getting things back on track, but not having a car is a tremendous take!!

I will personally thank each and everyone of you .

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