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Please show your support to Nicole Norsworthy.. Help her fight this disease..

I'm going to some it up the best that I can.. Nicole my cousin through marriage was diagnosed with breast cancer in June of 2011.. She was 38.. She did numerous rounds of chemo and had a double mastectomy in Jan of 2012.. In march she started getting severe headaches. And after a few stays at the hospital they diagnosed her with Brain Cancer.. They told her it was not curable but it was treatable.. Nicole has two children ages 12 and 1and 1/2.. Two weeks ago after not being able to handle anymore chemo Nicole was told that she has 4 months to live.. Heartbreaking.. I advised her to call cancer center of America and she did. And for them to even diagnose her and talk to her they want 250,000 dollars.. A little ridiculous if you ask me.. We are all so puzzled of Nicole's condition because I just can't see how the drs can give her a time on her life.. She has NO tumors as the pet scan showed none.. And she has cancer cells.. It was to my acknowledgement that we ALL carry cancer cells.. So in my opinion these Dr's were dumbfounded by her condition and didn't want to be bothered anymore.. So what I'm needing and every little bit will help, is to try to raise enough money so she can travel to see a dr that doesn't want to give up on her. Because we are not giving up on her and she's not giving up on herself.. She has hope and so do we.. Maybe a Dr will see this that is willing to help her and we won't need donations.. If you know someone that can at least talk to her and her family and try to make us all understand how than can give her 4 months to live with NO tumors??! Cancer cells run through the blood so wouldn't that be leukemia?! She needs a good dr that doesn't want to wash his hands because he's flabbergasted.. This woman is an amazing woman who loves GOD and her family.. She deserves the chance to fight this disease.. But with Medicaid as your insurance? There's only so much Drs will do until you wave a big fat check underneath their noses.. $1.00 anything will help. Share with friends, families, anyone.. Thank you all..
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