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The family and friends of Rayko are uniting to raise money to support her after a debilitating back injury.


Thank you so very much for your continuous prayers, generous donations, and loving support! I truly from the bottom of my heart thank each and every one of you!!
You are changing my life everyday! Please accept my utmost appreciation that last a life time!

God bless you!!
-----------------Story of my injury--------------------
It's me Rayko :)

First of all, thank you so much for coming to this site and taking the time to read what's going on with me..

Special thanks to Kara for finding and all her help for making this fabulous fundraising page!

Utmost appreciation to my family, Amy, Diane, Gabe, Joey, Julia, Rain and Scott (alphabetical order) for physically helping me with lots of things like dressing me, cleaning me, cleaning my place, buying groceries, making me food, bringing me lunch and dinner, helping me with pool therapies, bring me gifts, taking me to the doctors...

This event has really changed my life and humbled me.

I hurt my back in early Nov 2011, by lifting a heavy case that contained 1.2 litter water bottles x 12. I was in a super hurry, and I totally used my back to lift it.. Yup I felt it and I heard it..!

Besides having 2 bands, I work as a private trainer and a personal assistant. I knew my body was telling me to stop, but there were so many reasons why I could not afford to take off work.

Since there were a lot of sitting involved with my PA job my condition was getting worse by the day and it got so bad to the point where I could not even walk without a cane, sneeze without feeling like I'm gonna faint with pain, and could not even go to the bathroom...

I got an X-ray and MRI taken and found out I've not only got 2 herniated discs but one of which is 1.4cm! It extruded and broke off.. The sciatic pain on my left leg was nothing I had ever experienced in my entire life! It was not only excruciatingly agonizing it was constant, nothing I took or did worked (including a nerve pain medication for people with epilepsy) and the pain lasted for 2 weeks straight. It was so horrible that I'd get sick and I was screaming for help every hour... I was not a pleasant person to be around.

And... One morning in early December, I could not stand up anymore. And the rest is history..

After a few MDs, orthopedics, physical therapists, chiropractors...etc my friends researched / used their connections and found me a great osteopath, acupuncturist, and above all an amazing doctor name Rick Morris, whom I call Dr. Spine!!

He not only is very respected and reputable, he is extremely thorough and attentive to each and every patient! What got me to commit to him was a fact that he used to be a trained Olympic athlete, conquered the iron man marathon thus he literally understood my devastation!

Every doctor except the orthopedic I went to told me not to get a back surgery. As I do not believe in cutting is healing either, I signed up on his DRX 900 spinal decompression program (please look it up!!

It is a slow recovery process, but I have faith this is going to work for me...

So far the pain subsided from a constant 10 down to 3-4, and the numbness I had on my left hamstring and foot for a month and a half totally went away and the feelings fully came back 2 days ago!

But... Ironically this program I signed for is the only thing that's been working for me and it is not covered by Insurance.. That is why I come to your help today.....

I will keep you all posted throughout my recovering process, and as a private trainer I will including tips for how I've been keeping my weight down through this complete sedentary life style! As an artist, I'll be posting links to YouTube with my new songs, videos and blogs!

Thank you so much for your prayers and support!
It truly means the world to me!

May God bless you and your loved ones always!
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