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The family of Dianne Card are hoping to raise money to help pay her bills from the many years and many types of cancer. Please show support!

About nine years ago the most strong and wonderful women I know was diagnosed with cancer. My grandmother, Dianne, had been told she had cancer of the lung. By the time the cancer was discovered, it had spread all the way back to her spine and had eaten into her ribs. This was a major shock to the family, because my grandmother is by far the strongest women any of us have ever met, and was seen as pretty much invincible up until this point.
They told us that she would have to go through many treatments such as radiation and chemo therapy which would make her very sick, but warned us that even with these treatments, she would probably only live up to another six months. No one in the family could have ever expected anything like this, nor could any of us see how our family would possibly be held together without the strength of my grandma there to keep us all grounded. Prayers and fear consumed our thoughts as waited for her treatment to end.
It surprised all of us when at the end of the treatment they informed us that it had worked and she was cancer free!
Unfortunantly, eight years later, Dianne was diagnosed with breast cancer. Luckily it was caught in the beginning stages and was removed. They then had to do radiation to clear the rest of the cancer. This process was much simpler than the first cancer she had, but continued to keep us on edge about my grandmothers health.
Just this past year my grandmother was diagnosed with breast cancer once again. This was another huge scare to our family. She once again had to go through radiation to clear the cancer. They have finished her last treatment and once again found her cancer free!
We feel very blessed to still have this amazing women in our lives. No one is quite sure how she has pulled through all of this, but she did. And is she is still kickin'! Dianne is the mother of three, grandmother of 9, great grandmother of one, and has a second great grandson on the way. I can not put into words how happy I am that she had pulled through to meet my first child and her second great grandson. She is a magnificent women.
As lucky as we have been with her survival, we have not been as lucky with her medical bills. It has been a very difficult struggle for her to try and pay for these. She always jokes and says, "If the cancer doesn't kill me, the bills will". But it is not a joking matter. The stress of trying to pay these pills is starting to effect her health. I feel that if this weight and constant worry of the bills isn't lifted soon, we will have more problems on our hands. I hope that you all can help! I want to thank all of you ahead of time for your donations and support! I believe my grandma is a true example that miracles do happen and hope that we can get another one with help with her medical bills!
Thank you all,
Family of Dianne Card

P.S. If you would like to speak with someone about a different form of donation or just to help support feel free to email me (Dianne's grand daughter, Elaina) at
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