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This project aims to fund a school (as well as build hope, health & opportunity) in a very poor area of Freetown, Sierra Leone (W. Africa)

This is a grassroots project (or perhaps more accurately a hair roots project, since i will be pulling out my own trying to find the time and resources to make this idea a reality). It is a project by people, for people. The aim is to foster hope, health and opportunity in communities across this crazy, lopsided globe. It is predicated on the radical notion that what matters in life is not profit but relationships, connection, warmth, laughter, empathy and a sense of purpose, self-efficacy and meaning.

The idea will be to connect people, resources and hope across traditional boundaries of nationality, race/ethnicity, class, religion and other socially-constructed divisions, one project at a time. The broader goals are many: to create locally-based, sustainable and self-perpetuating opportunities for positive change in communities across the world, to facilitate improvements in education, nutrition, clean water access and health care through infrastructure and capacity-building, and to create genuine connections between and among people from vastly different backgrounds.

At the moment, I am building a cadre of students, colleagues, friends and allies to help start up the first project, which will involve a broad-based intervention in a poor but resilient community in Freetown, Sierra Leone: Hill Cut Community. The Hill Cut community members have come together and discussed the many needs in the community: fresh, clean water, opportunities for families to earn a decent wage in order to be able to support their children, a local school and health clinic, a training center for local trades, and a micro-financing program to launch local entrepreneurs. Recognizing that we are just beginning this project, with only the paltry contents of my own wallet to currently draw from, they have agreed that their first priority is to start a school so that more of their children can become educated-their only real chance at breaking out of the lock-grip of poverty. So, this will be our first object. More will come, both in this community and elsewhere. I appreciate any and all support, be they donations, labor, expertise, heartfelt cheering, or even mild, wan, slightly-condescending smiles at my save-the-world whimsy, as long as it is benevolent.
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