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In 2008 Theresa Jones was diagnoised with I.H. She has endured 7 shunt surgeries, 4 major abdominal surgeries, and is facing a new surgery.

The children and family of Theresa Jones would like to raise money to help her with medical and living expenses for this next surgery and the previous surgeries. For the last 19 years Theresa's main focus has been to make sure her children are healthy and taken care of. Now it's time to give back to her. Theresa has to travel to Phoenix for every test and appointment. It has been a financial burden on her and she needs our help.

My mom's next surgery is 10-30-2012. She will be getting a Cisternal Shunt that will be inserted through her skull and go up through her brain stem. She will have the other end inserted between two ribs and placed in the sac around the lungs. They will have to collapse her lung to accomplish this.

Her VP shunt in her brain will be partially removed due to fluid build up inside her brain along the tubing track. Her LP shunt will be removed completely due to the pain it causes her on a daily basis. These will be difficult surgeries and we are hopeful that they will bring relief. Please pray.


Facebook Post from fellow IHer:

To all of my Friends and Family:

As most of you know, my 10 year old daughter (Taylor Lutz) and I have Intracranial Hypertension (aka IH). IH is a rare, debilitating, incurable, neurologic disease that wreaks havoc on our bodies and our lives. The vast neurological symptoms and severe pain that we endure, often daily, can bring the strongest person to their knees. Because this disease is so rare

, many doctors and medical professionals do not know much about it, or how to effectively treat it. The doctors believe that we cannot die from this disease, but they are totally incorrect. While we may not die directly from IH, we most certainly can die from it indirectly - wound infections, meningitis, sepsis, brain bleeds, blood clots, stroke, surgical complications, and even suicide.

I have known a handful of fellow IHers that have died over the last 5 years due to many of the reasons listed about. In fact, I learned yesterday that a fellow IHer, Kaitlyn Murphy, lost her fight with IH due to suicide. The IH pain was so debilitating and unbearable for her that she took her own life just to be pain-free. As with most of us IHers, the doctors and medical professionals did not take her pain seriously, and did not know how to properly treat her. This is exactly why we need to raise awareness, raise funding to promote research, educate medical professionals, and help support those with IH. I Hope for a Cure!




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