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The friends of Kamisha Johnson and her family are uniting to raise money to help pay for Bishops much needed surgery.

Hi! My name is Bishop and I am a 17 month old Staffordshire Terrier.

I have what you call a Luxating Patella. You might ask what causes that. Patellar luxation is caused by congenital abnormality usually at the level of the hip joint and results in abnormal forces on the kneecap, which cause it to eventually ride outside of the groove. Needless to say I may not act like I am in pain, but I very much am!

My family consists of 5 people...2 adults and 3 young kids. These people mean everything to me and I mean everything to them! Unfortunately, they just had a new born baby and their finances are pretty tight. They have come to the conclusion that there family just wouldn't be the same without me. They are trying to come up with the funds to help relieve me of my pain.

Here is a little veterinary gibberish...the surgery will remove the bone from the raw bone bed and the cartilage/bone plate is replaced creating a deep groove for the patella to ride in. The benefit of the block osteotomy is that it uniformly deepens the groove from top to bottom and preserves the cartilage that the patella rides on.

The Doc says I have a 90% chance that this will make me better! I like these odds:)

If you have it in you to help me and my family please don't hesitate to donate...believe me the smallest contribution helps!

If you are unable to donate...keep me in your thoughts please!

Bishop and his family
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