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Evan was hit by an under-insured drunk driver. His surgery and hospital bills are in excess of $100,000. Please read and show your support!

I’m going to tell you a story about Evan Lorek. He is a loving son and brother. He is an All-American blue-collar kind of guy through and through. Since the day he was fourteen he has held a steady job to pay the bills to help his physically disabled father and young sister. He even helped put his twin brother through college at the University of Illinois. He and his brothers also started a free service for the community helping anybody with anything at absolutely no charge whatsoever. They dedicated this service to their late grandmother who had lived out-of-state and often needed help with day-to-day things. They called it ‘Three Brothers Helping Hands” Not being able to be there for his grandmother weighed heavily on Evan’s shoulders. He felt that this service was a way to help make up for that. Evan’s dreams were to join the Marine Corps and then eventually become a police officer.

All of these dreams were halted on the morning of September 20, 2011. Evan had volunteered to go into work an hour early that day. He was working at one of the largest tire distribution warehouses in the country. He had been awarded Employee of the Month (an often occurrence for Evan). He chose to drive his 2001 Harley-Davidson Softail Classic that morning, as one of the perks was a parking spot right up-front near the warehouse. He had only had the bike for a few months after he finally secured enough money for a down payment and built his credit to finance the rest. Although, he knew how to ride, he took it upon himself to participate in a motorcycle safety course (MSF) to help save on his insurance. Again, this is just the way Evan is.

Evan left for work at 3:30am. Approximately 10 minutes later on a desolate stretch of road an intoxicated African-American male in his late-twenties was driving a red 1984 Camaro with no headlights. He crossed the center lane and struck Evan at an undetermined rate of speed. Evan woke up dazed on the stretch of dark road. He stood up and nearly fell forward. His left leg was broke and his ankle literally pulverized. He saw the driver and passenger get out and look at him. They immediately got back in the Camaro. They stepped on the gas and tried to drive away. They were trying to leave Evan for dead. Luckily, Evan’s Harley was stuck underneath the Camaro and it stopped them from pulling away. After the driver realized he couldn’t get away with a hit-and-run he screamed at Evan, “Get your motherf***ing bike out from underneath my car!”

Evan tried screaming, “Call 9-1-1!” but then he realized there was another problem. Most of his teeth were missing, his upper-jaw was shattered and was caved into the roof of his mouth, and the bottom half of his face had become de-gloved from his skull. Evan was forced to call 9-1-1 himself. The 9-1-1 operator could barely understand him through the moaning and gurgling while Evan tried to sound out words slipping in and out of consciousness. The driver and passenger tried driving off a second time. During this time, Evan’s adrenaline ran out and he slipped away. He awoke to the sound and sight of flashing lights of a police cruiser and ambulance and knew he would be safe. He then lost consciousness again.

He was rushed to the nearest hospital, but on arrival after seeing the extent of his injuries, he had to be transferred to a much higher-level trauma center at Christ Hospital in Oak Lawn IL. Evan’s injuries included: a crushed left leg and ankle, torn PCL in his left knee, a de-gloved chin, a nearly detached bottom lip, crushed upper mandible (everything between his nose and bottom lip), and extensive damage to his teeth. His top teeth and mandible in some places were reduced to powder. The plastic surgeons repaired his face and lip as best they could. His leg was re-set and put in a Cam Boot. His jaw had to be wired shut for 8 weeks to allow for some healing. Evan was on a liquid diet for 8 weeks because of his jaw being wired and he lost over 40 pounds of muscle mass.

So far Evan’s hospital and medical bills have totaled over $100,000. He used the last $800 he had to his name so he could start physical therapy. He will most likely need knee surgery. His bike was completely totaled. The drunk driver was an under-insured motorist. The driver's insurance company will only be providing $20,000 for the accident. The plastic surgeon still needs to see if Evan’s top jaw healed correctly to allow for new teeth to be anchored. If the top jaw doesn’t heal properly (so far it hasn’t), he will need bone graft surgeries from his hip to rebuild his face to allow for anchoring. The surgeon has said the cost for Evan to get a new smile will be at the minimum of $15,000.

Evan was cleared to be off work much longer than he did. As soon as he was able to get around without crutches, he was back to work immediately. Again, that’s just the way Evan’s work ethic is. He is working overtime whenever he can to help pay his bills. He is paying $10-20 a month to each creditor in hopes of preserving what’s left of his credit.

Evan has grown very depressed. Because of the bills, his credit has been severely affected. He had hoped to one day be able to buy a house and a new car, but all of that is slipping away. He is worried about his mounting debt, but most of all his future. The age deadline to join the Marines is quickly approaching, and without the preference points from the Marines the likelihood of him getting into the police force is slim to none. Evan’s psyche, morale, and spirit are at an all-time low.

If I sound like a huge fan of Evan it’s because I am. I’m his twin brother. I’m the brother he helped put through college. He has never asked the family for anything. It will be many, many years before I can begin to repay Evan for what he has done for the family and I. He has no idea that I am making this plea for help on his behalf. I know he would never do it himself.

I would love to be able to give him some peace of mind and a little bit more hope for his future. Thank you in advance for taking the time to read this. If you have any questions at all about Evan or this story please do not hesitate to contact me.

Phone: (708) 941-3067
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