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The family of Marty Reese is working to raise money for an Esteem Implant so he'll be able to thrive as an adult. Help Marty Hear. :)

Marty was born deaf. When he was 4 months old we thought he was simply a heavy sleeper as he never awoke to his older sisters' loud play. The day we realized there was a problem was when my mother held a squeaky toy near his right ear and squeezed. No response. She repeated this with his left ear. Again, no response. I'll never forget the look on her face as realization overwhelmed her that her child couldn't hear.
Throughout his nearly 17 years there have been dozens of doctor appointments for ear infections (brought on by the constant use of hearing aids), hearing aid mold fittings, hearing aid adjustments... One of his hearing aids doesn't work, and hasn't for nearly 2 years; he's been using just the one. The hearing aids help minimally, but he has struggled since he went into third grade.
He was always such a sweet boy with many friends, but as they started to mature they realized how picking on unfortunates worked... Marty has struggled with life in school and out since he was 9 years old.
The school system is failing him. He is a very bright boy with much to offer if given the opportunity, but hasn't been given a chance. The local public schools will not provide him with the assistance he needs, he struggles to pay attention to the teachers, while battling the background noise and acoustics of his peers and the classroom, and his grades suffer. This is a brutal circle.
He has attempted life in a private school for the deaf as well. Marty attended a school for the deaf for 3 years, only to be bullied there as well, as he didn't fit into the deaf culture.
He desparately wants to be able to partake in the family's weekly conversations, as we all join at our parents' house every Saturday. Marty stays in his room. He is left out.
We have researched many methods of hearing assistance for nearly 17 years and find many pros and cons of each method. He has nearly given up. Recently Esteem Implant was brought to his attention, and for once he seems hopeful. He told me that he feels he may have a future with this.
The cost per ear for this surgery is $30,000 and my parents will have to travel over 720 miles round trip for each appointment.
Please help them reach their goal and help Marty achieve his dreams.
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