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I want to thank all my friends & family for all the support you have given me.. and for the support you will continue to give me..

Neurofibromatosis type 1 (NF1) is a hereditary condition commonly associated with multiple café-au-lait spots on the skin. Café-au-lait spots are light brown in color, like the color of “coffee with milk.” People with NF1 also tend to develop varying numbers of neurofibromas (benign [noncancerous] tumors on the covering of the nerves). Neurofibromas are often seen as raised bumps on the skin and can occur anywhere on the body. While these skin changes do not have serious medical consequences, they can affect a person’s appearance. Plexiform neurofibromas (which form under the skin or deeper in the body) are also benign tumors. However, these can grow quite large and can cause significant medical problems, and can affect the structure of nearby bone, skin, and muscle.
I have had two removed, since August 2011. I am starting my radiation for the one in my neck, March 1st.
Today, Feb. 29th, I found out that I have a 5 cm tumor on my left side again, either it came back, or its a whole new one and a 2.5cm on my right. My Surgical Oncologist, will look at my old pictures from Chicago, and determine weather or not its new. Either way, he doesn't believe that surgery is the right option. Due to the fact, that these tumors have a way with coming back. They grow fast, becuase they are malignant. Plus, again, it could put me in a wheel chair. I will know more in two weeks at my next appointment, after he takes it to the tumor board.
I still have a paralyzed vocal cord, which I won't be able to have fixed until all of this has been taken care of.
We,(my oncologist and I) talked a little about Chemo, and if I have a choice between, surgery that could affect the use of my leg, and chemo, loosing my hair, I choose Chemo. So I am asking for your prayrers, your hugs, your words of wisdom, and if you can spare some change.. Much love to everyone out there. I hope you stay healthy, and if your not, and you need someone to talk to.. I am on Facebook and love to listen!
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