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I just had surgery. so I don't have an income now. untile I can get an income please help pay for our rescued pets medical needs.... help-rescued-pets

(First off, Lily is my main cat- I actually have 7 rescued stray street cats... for now.)
I was trying to figure out how to get enough money to live off of, until I can go back to work or actually find a steady job.
I found this site so I'll give it a try. (I do find this embarrassing, but I'm desperate now.)

Why I need help? I barely get by as it is. I don't have money to buy better cloths....most of them are from when I was a kid. (I have to put my pets first before me.) Its hard having 7 cats.... especially when vet emergencies pop up. Like Oliver- had to be put under for surgery... to have part of his tail removed since somehow he got it broken. Henry-had to be put under for surgery because I finally had to have his teeth looked at- or else he might have died. (he got his teeth cleaned & a few pulled.) now he's actually eating. There's this stray kitten "Tina", that's appeared & now I'm going to have to spend close to 200 dollars on her for..... spaying-microchiping, ID tag, shots, de-worming, tested for AIDs & FeLV, heated bowl, etc. Conner- still needs to be Micochiped & Lily still needs her shots. Lily, she's had a big problem with UTI or something to do with her urine.... & that's been going on since last winter. We've taken her to so many different vets and now hopefully we have it under control BUT she has to be on this diet & medication for the rest of her life AND.... she probably has hyperthyroidism. Which I would have to get her tested for first, for 50 dollars. But right now I just can't get her tested & then say treated for that condition or her shots even. (I have to ask my fiance to buy Lily's spacial food because I just don't have the money anymore.) And I hate asking him because he's struggling enough as it is. I can't even do all that stuff to the kitten yet. We can't even afford to get Conner microchiped because we're (me & Josh/my fiance) are struggling with money so bad. And Josh has so many rats- and rats have a lot of health issues. But now we're to the point were its hard to get stuff for the rats health because of our money issue. AND it's hard to find a vet that will mess with rats.... not to mention it's so pricey to take them all! We wish we could take harry- who is becoming so messed up with his health. I'm actually afraid he's go to die soon. There's also 3 rats that have really big lumps on them.... and I would really like to see those be removed or at least looked at. BUT we just can't at the moment. (All those rats, were feeder rats at a pet store. It means they would have been lunch for a snake.... but we saved them.)
With all these health issues I need to spend of my cats I have so many other things to get for them- like annual ear mite medicine for Oliver & Henry, constant flea & tick killing/repelling products, another big cage, litter, regular ear cleaning stuff, things to get rid of hairballs, combs, calming & Allergy stuff for Lily, besides Lily's dry food with medicine the vet wants her to have constant wet food to put her medicine in also- as much as she will eat, etc.
I have to get just everyday things for myself too. Like food, endless prescription medicine, deodorant, sleep herbs, teeth bite guard, etc. Etc.
With me it's been very hard to find a job mainly because of my health, job history, & the economy. This year 2010 my health has been the worst every. First it was allergies all the time- 2nd getting sick constantly. 3rd- a terribly UTI that spread to my kidney. 4th- a yeast infection. 5th-The worst Asthma attacks this year.6th- a black hard ovary cysts way bigger then a baseball! Which I had surgery 2 weeks ago for which I had to wait for half of this year just to get the surgery. So
they removed it & half my ovary! AND I will probably have
to go back after 2 weeks and have surgery again if the pain is still there which looks like it will be. I will probably have other things wrong with me as I'm going to the doctor for other things later. (That's a huge part why I have no money or job.) AND I'm with my parents and they have like no money- so there's no meal foods for me.They use to run out of cat food a lot and ask to use my cat food. It's crazy living with them. Once I can actually get a job or a steady one then me & Josh can get our own place with all our pets. But....first we have to tackle all these pet issues, etc.
AND...... haven't found any financial thing that can give me money until I can work again. BUT..... I'm going to research things again since I'm not that informed. Maybe I can find something.
Until then I'm going to see if doing this will help.... even if my goal isn't reach that's fine. Just a few dollars can help get some of these things done. Even half of that money would probably pay for everything. (I just thought
of how much 200 dollars every month in a year would be & decided just to put that.)
So any money would be very much appreciated. (Sorry this was so long!)

(And by the way my name is Jessica.)
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