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You may have seen Angel Pomeranian on facebook. She has a very special story and is a very special pom.

You may have seen Angel Pomeranian on facebook.
She has a very special story and is a very special pom.
Some of you may have seen her with me at the dog shows.
Angel only weighs 1 and 3/4 pounds at age 2 years old.
Her father is Dakota and her mother is Baby.
She was named after her grandmother, Angel, who is listed on our deceased page. We named her after her grandmother because we know that it was an ANGEL in heaven (her grandmother) that has given her life and kept her going.
Visit her facebook page and become a friend.

Angels story:
I was born on Sept 4 2011. My mom Baby, raised me and my sister Spirit for the first 5 weeks. Then my human mom, Carol Yingst Schaffer Anderson, got in a truck accident and was hospitalized. A coworker/friend, Karen, visited her and ask to help, so my mommy Carol let her friend take me, my sister and my mom to her house till my humane mom got out of hospital. BUT Karen refused to give us back four days later when mommy Carol was released. It took 4 trips with Sheriff, and Karen gave back my mom but kept me and sister. four days later mommy Carol and Daddy Jay came back with attorney papers and Karen finally released us to come home. We were now 8 wks old. My real mom was dried up and no milk. Karen had taken us away from mom and fed us can dog food with a syringe. She also took us to a vet who gave us puppy shots when we were too young, under nourished and not healthy enough for a shot. Thats how my sister, Spirit got sick and sadly pasted away. Even though I was smaller, I survived because mommy Carol put me on formula and forced me to eat. I didnt gain weight for weeks. Mommy Carol and daddy Jay got up every two to three hours to force feed me. Many many times I went hypoglycemic and mommy Carol had to revive me with dextrose and fluids under the skin.

Finally at four months old I started to drink formula out of a dish, and within a few weeks began to eat things like shreddered cheese and chicken. Mommy Carol had tried everything to get me to eat on my own.

I am now two years old and have bad knees in the rear legs, he vets feel this is part of lack of calcium at a very young age when I was suppose to be nursing off my mom and was taken away.
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