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On July 4th, Louis "BULLY " De Ponte a small family rancher suffered a stroke. He needs help to save his land

One week left to reach our goal .. please read Bully's story ...

Bully is a unique character "a one of a kind old school cowboy, he runs a small family ranch in Kanaio, Maui and has for the last 55 years. You just don't meet them like him anymore. He is a legend, and once people meet him they never forget him, he is a simple honest man carry on a way of life practically non existent in the world these days.
His ranch not only provides this way of life but also has been a protector the natural resources surrounding it for 60 yrs.

A father of one son, 27 and three daughters 25, 21yrs, the youngest is just 13yrs old. He has four beautiful grandchildren who call him Papa who love going out to the ranch and hanging out with "Papa". He used to able to take them riding and we hope one day he will again.

However at just 63 yrs old his health, which had been declining for several years with COPD, (mostly because refused to see Dr.s, as he could not afford the health insurance on the income from the ranch) things finally caught up to him.

Financial problems, the recession and increased health issues pressure mounted and he suffered a stoke July 4th. He would not go to the hospital. His daughter brought him home from the ranch, and the children took him to the ER even though he was adamant about not wanting to go. Stubborn ol’cowboy.

When they checked him into the ER he was at a mere 133lbs, which is not much for a man who stands 6'2". He can be stubborn, we all admit that, he refused to ask for help as he doesn't want to be a burden to anyone.

However no one can deny that in his life his generosity has helped many.

Over the past year he suffered many setbacks physically and financially he tried to the best of his ability to keep up on the monthly payments but with everyone on Maui suffering from job losses he fell behind.

The property we are trying to save may not seem much to many people but it has been in the family for over 90 yrs. If they take the property he and the entire family will be homeless.

His story:

July 5th they med-evacted Bully to Oahu to have emergency open-heart surgery at Queens Hospital for severe heart damage. They replaced the 2 main arteries on the right and put in 2 stints on July 6th, the doctors said his surviving was a miracle.
When he returned to Maui to rehabilitate he was not able to gain the weight back due to complications, and a conditional called " cachexia". He was in the ER four times and then the hospital in Maui told him there was nothing more they could do except hydrate him and prescribed HOSPICE. We could not beleive he survived surgery just to be given this diagnosis.

Six weeks after surgery we took Bully to a Hawaiian healer, took him off all medications as he said he had no tumors that his insides had been turned around and twisted he fixed this and now Bully is eating again and gaining the weight!!!! No more hospice!!!!!!

Bully gets up every morning at 5am to try to check the cattle on the ranch as he has entire life. We’ve turned this around on the property to start income coming in. But he is very far behind and the foreclosure is looming over him. They require a down payment and 3 monthly payments at his old rate which is too high but they agree to reduce it we pass this threshold. He has fought to regain his health and is fighting to keep the property. HE needs more help. Your donations are tax deductible please help us reach our goal.

Bully has worked everyday of his entire life, to keep this little ranch going and pass it on to his children - he is too proud to ask for help so I am asking for him, and his children.

The amount we need is within reach, he needs to raise as much as possible as soon as possible. A $10.00 donation can help immensely

Bully's generosity over the years has been to many in need and why he is in this situation by giving to the homeless over the years. He gave a home to a older man who lost his wife, and for 12 years lived on his property until his passing without charging him a dime.

He also gave shelter to a woman and her child for almost a year with out asking for anything while she got on her feet.

Gave room and a job to another woman who had nowhere to go or four years, even when it caused him duress. Countless stories more of his allowing people to get a start again. Please help him in his time of need. He has always been there to share whatever he had with whoever needed. No one can say any different.

Thank you for your understanding and generosity please pass this link on to anyone you think can help.

Aloha and mahalo nui Loa... the De Ponte's

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