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Kelli needs a kidney. It is that simple. Without it she will die. Her time is running short but you can help.

We are going to be doing one final push to close out the fundraiser and be done with it.

What we decided upon this:

>>> We are asking that 500 people give just **** $ 31 by the 31st **** to help us achieve goal of $20K.

Would you be willing to help get the word out to Facebook, blogs, flyers and whatever else you can think of? The fundraiser is open so anyone could donate early if they choose.

Some will donate less, some more, but every penny helps.

Our hope is to complete this fundraiser by raising the $20,000 needed, so that we will not have to concerned about having to do any fundraising in the future, and can focus on getting Kelli as healthy as possible for her surgery.

In talking with my doctor, he strongly believes that Sarah is still a strong and viable candidate ( I shared the lame reason that the social worker at Cedars Sinai had said no to her as a candidate, and he was appalled they would turn someone away like that).

He has worked with both UC Davis and Stanford and shot off emails to the head of each transplant department (friends and former Air Force colleagues) to see if they thought Sarah would be viable candidate for me in their respective programs. Once we get their answers (I see him March 30), and if they want us, we will transfer everything to them and kick start this process.

So, you can see why we really need to get this thing done!

Thank you so much for all your prayer and support these many years. I truly appreciate it as does my family



Here is our story:

I have two amazing kids. Kati, my oldest is a junior in high school and plans a career in fashion design. She loves sewing so much that mot of the time, our kitchen table and living room are an explosion of fabrics and pattern pieces. Her two mannequins are around so much, I feel they should have names and a place the at the table.

My baby, Jon, is a sophomore. His love for music is something we share, and I am constantly amazed at the jazz progressions he just it down and plays. They just roll off the top of his head from some beautiful place. For the sake of my children and my loving, devoted husband of 20 years, and for my sake as well, I need someone to help me get a new kidney.

I need a new kidney very badly. My kidneys were destroyed through no fault of my own. As a result, I now have to be on dialysis three days per week for 4½ hours each time. Being on dialysis is an awful experience.

Kidney issues have run in my family, leaving me to battle kidney infections from the time I was 2. My left kidney was so damaged that it had to be removed in 1990. After that, I was healthy enough to have my two children and live infection free until 2006. Out of the blue and during a routine physical, I was told I was in Stage 4 Kidney Failure.

Three months later I was on dialysis, and within a year I as listed at Porter Denver Adventist Hospital on the UNOS Deceased Donor list. It was during that process that it was determined I am highly sensitized, meaning the 90% of the general population cannot be used as a donor for me. In the 4 years since being listed, I have not been a match on the UNOS list.

I need a living kidney donor.

I have so many things I still want to do in my life. There are graduations to sit through, wedding to plan, grandchildren to hold. And I am married to an amazing man there past 20 years. I have many, many more things I want to do with him.

I want to help make more people aware of the desperate need for transplant organs to help people such as me regain their health and happiness. Over the past few months I have been working with Local TV stations and the paper to raise awareness for both deceased and living kidney donors.

I therefore desperately need a new kidney to allow me to continue my life and my work in a healthy and happy manner.

As far as costs are concerned- all medical costs are covered by my insurance wit the exception of any "routine maintenance" tests, such as a mammogram for women. If there are any out of pocket costs for these, we will have to pay for them.

All travel costs or lodging here in Los Angeles where I am now listed with Cedars Sinai will have to be covered by us. However, Cedars has the BEST rate of success with highly sensitized patients like me at 98%. So, this is the best place for me to be.

Plus, I have friends in the area ready and willing to be there for me during and after surgery for support. That excited me so very much!

Sc, can YOU help me?

It would be my greatest wish to continue bringing awareness no matter what my outcome is. Until my last breath, no matter what.

Thank you for considering me. Your gift would be the greatest thing to happen to our family.

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